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5 Cliffhanger Mysteries That Will Never Be Solved

Since the dawn of the cinematic universe, studios have been cancelling shows. Whether it be lack of viewers or budgeting mishaps TV studios have chose to cancel some of our favorite shows at the worst of time. These are five of the cliffhanger mysteries that will never be solved.


The Finder:

This lighthearted novel based show offered interesting characters and a fun plot. Yet it was not meant to be. For this this detective show classic abruptly ended when co-star Michael Clark Duncan had an unexpected heart attack and died. The show’s ratings were already suffering after just one season, so when this Green Mile star passed, the producers chose not to resurrect the show after a cliffhanger ending that left us wanting more.


This show was based in the great depression era Oklahoma.  Focused around a preacher and a gifted young boy, the plot unfolds to show both these characters play an important role in the all encompassing battle between heaven and hell. With five Emmy Primetime wins, this show left it’s fan-base thirsting after the last episode. Alas it was not meant to be, the last cliffhanger episode aired in 2005, leaving so many unfulfilled answers.

Cold Case:

This breakout crime show is set around the solving of cold cases by the sole female detective of Philadelphia PD. Kathryn Morris plays Lilly Rush, the female detective assigned to the cold-cases. With seven seasons, this is one of the longest running series featured in our list. Unfortunately this wasn’t enough to save it from CBS pulling it off the air at the end of it’s cliffhanger seventh season.

The Glades:

Based around the misadventures of former Chicago Detective turned Florida FDLE agent, it had all the makings of an upbeat detective show. With the comical styles of murder and the amusing sidekicks, this show gathered four seasons of murder filled fun. With the final episode airing in 2013, the plug was pulled at the worst possible moment, leaving the fan-base with questions yet to be answered.


This Cult Whedon classic took every creative turn the fans could have asked for. This show featured around the dark adventures of Echo, a mind controlled “doll” and her adventures satisfying the rich’s needs. With the final season flashing forward to a bleak future, Dollhouse somehow managed to continually surprise people. Despite breakout writers and stars, this show ultimately perished after only two seasons on air, leaving so many questions unanswered.

    Despite these classics now being pulled from the air too soon, they all still continue to leave us wanting more. What are some of your favorite shows that were cancelled before completion? Comment below what shows producers should bring back. And as always,

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