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10 Photos that will make Whovians wish they were at (Re)Generation Who!

(Re)Generation Who is an three-day Doctor Who Fan Convention in Baltimore, MD, run by Onezumi Events. It is in it’s 4th year and this year seemed to be especially star packed! Here are 10 reasons why we wish we had been at (Re)Generation Who 4.

1.The Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi is there!

2.  Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker is there!


3. The Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison, is there.


4. Michelle Gomez and Rachel Talalay were both there!

5. Sixth Doctor Companion, Nicola Bryant, is there!

6. Peter Capaldi and Michelle Gomez in Doctor Who party hats!

7. Just like the Doctor, these Whovians don’t carry guns!

Honoring #marchforourlives today at #regenerationwho. @whoagainstguns #weepingangel

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8. The fifth Doctor plus Snap Chat Filters is just the best!

9. Doctors with Baby Doctors

10. Great Cosplay

Fab 12 cosplay! #regenerationwho

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