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Jeremy Bulloch

10 Questions with Jeremy Bulloch

Boba Fett is undoubtedly one of the most popular characters in the Star Wars Universe. The same could be said for the actor that portrays him, Jeremy Bulloch. Mr. Bulloch is no stranger to pop culture also appearing in other properties such as Doctor Who and 3 of the James Bond films. Danniel reached out to Mr. Bulloch for a chance to interview him for Temple of Geek to which Mr. Bulloch graciously accepted. Here is Temple of Geek’s 10 Questions with Jeremy Bulloch.


Jeremy Bulloch


(Danniel Slade) Mr. Bulloch thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me. I want to start with asking how you got your start in acting.

(Jeremy Bulloch) I went to Drama at the young age of 12 as I was not terribly academic at school, although I loved sport. I was a freckled faced cheeky looking young boy and appeared in lots of TV commercials, then went on to more serious films.


(DS) Now before I ask you Star Wars questions, I want to ask about another popular franchise, Doctor Who. You were in a couple of episodes. Who did you play and what was that experience like?

(JB) I was first in Dr. Who at the age of 17 where I played the part of ‘Tor’ in ‘The Space Museum’ and worked alongside William Hartnell – this was filmed in black and white.  Later on I appeared with Jon Pertwee in ‘The Time Warrior’ where I played ‘Hal the Archer’


Jeremy Bulloch


(DS) You were also in a couple of Bond films as the character Smithers. What is it like being Q’s most trusted lab assistant?

(JB) I actually appeared in three Bond films playing the part of ‘Smithers’ in ‘Octopussy’ and ‘For Your Eyes Only’. Then I was asked to play the character of ‘Andrews’ in ‘The Spy who loved me’


(DS) How did you land the role of the most Fearsome Bounty Hunter in the galaxy?

(JB)In a word ‘TALENT’J.  Actually my half-brother Robert Watts was co-producer on Star Wars and suggested that I contact my agent to get an interview for the small part of a Bounty Hunter.  The rest is history, and there is no such thing as a small part!


Jeremy Bulloch


(DS) Are there any funny/interesting behind the scenes stories you would be willing to share?

(JB) One day, because of my limited vision when wearing my helmet, I stepped on Darth Vader’s cape and he nearly fell face first, but we saved him.


(DS) Did you get the feeling that this character was going to blow up into one of the most popular characters in the Star Wars Universe?

(JB) I had absolutely no idea.


(DS) I have to ask, were you okay with the way Boba Fett went out in Return of the Jedi and does Boba Fett survive?

(JB) It wasn’t a nice ending but rumor has it that Boba survived – it would nice if he did return.


(DS) Even though you did not play him, Boba Fett was retconned in A New Hope in 1997. Were you happy to see included in the film?

(JB) Yes


Jeremy Bulloch


(DS) Now that Disney is giving us new Star Wars, do you think we will see the character again?

(JB) There are so many rumors  flying around it is difficult to tell.


(DS) Is there anything coming down the pipes that we should look out for?

(JB) I am quite busy this year attending conventions and doing some voice-work here in the UK.


(DS) Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some of my questions. Please let our audience know how to find out more about you.

(JB) I do have a website www.jeremybulloch.com which I am about to update.




Danniel Slade

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