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Hyper Realistic Cosplay-Interview With HushyPlushy Cosplay

 Happy Cosplay Friday! This week we are featuring an interview with HushyPlushy Cosplay. HushyPlushy Cosplay is a anime cosplayer known for his hyper-realistic cosplays. He features cosplays of characters such as Sephiroth, Sesshomaru, and Ciel Phantomhive. All of his cosplays are detailed orientated and crafted down to the last detail. He answered some questions on his cosplays and detail oriented cosplay.
JP:How long have you been cosplaying?
HushyPlushy: I have been cosplaying since 2014 march, so it’s been over 3 years by now.
JP:You are known for hyper realistic cosplays, how did you learn to create hyper-realism in cosplay?
HushyPlushy:  That’s flattering, thank you! I learn by being super picky about how I cosplay. Accepting nothing but the best and concentrating on the details is the key.
JP:What role do you think makeup plays in cosplay?
HushyPlushy: I think makeup takes up about 50% of the cosplay. It is pretty important to make a cosplay look completed. Especially within my cosplay.
JP:Is there a genre of tv/movies that you prefer cosplaying?
HushyPlushy: I don’t really watch much TV or any Movies. Most of the things I personally watch is Anime or Youtube videos.I really draw from anime when cosplaying.
JP:What is advice you have for someone looking to turn cosplay into a career?
HushyPlushy: It might hit off really well for you or it might not, either way don’t give up and keep trying. Don’t give up if it gets hard.
JP:What is your favorite cosplay project?
HushyPlushy: Some of my favorite cosplay projects are my Mikaera Hyakuya, Sesshomaru, Tomoe and Mikazuki Munechika. This was because they are such beautiful characters. I really wanted to bring to life in my own versions.
JP:What is a cosplay pet peeve of yours?
HushyPlushy: When a cosplay is missing that one detail. For example, one time I was cosplaying Sephiroth for an local event. But when I forgot his gloves at home. I took an hour to drive back to my house to get it.
JP:What does cosplay mean to you?
HushyPlushy: Cosplay means a lot to me. It is very addictive and imporatnt in my life. Currently it’s my top addiction, follow by gaming.
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