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Is Cosplay Shaming Ok?

As this writer was scrolling through her Facebook feed she came across something very upsetting. An article talking about cosplays that makers of the comics wouldn’t be proud of. Now the obvious purpose of this article was to amuse people with bad cosplays. Although click-bait caught my attention, when I clicked I discovered several pages of cosplay with a paragraph shaming the cosplays for their “unsuccessful” attempts at the cosplay. A genderbent Harley Quinn deemed as to have “far too scary of white face paint”. Or the female Bane said too be too sexy to accurately represent the character.

   Now the question is, was this okay? After all the costumes featured may not have been the most experienced or expensive looking cosplays. Cosplayers featured weren’t even tagged, so no one was getting hurt. Right? WRONG.

   It is never alright to shame someone for creating something they love. Especially cosplayers. Every cosplay you see represents hours of work. Whether the cosplayer is new to cosplay or a pro who’s been cosplaying for years, they put your soul into everything created. As a cosplayer myself, I’ve seen all levels of skill in cosplay.

  Because there is nothing more cruel than shaming people for doing what they love. Articles like this continue to be written and posted only if we continue to support them. So when you, like myself, see the click-bait and enter the article. Don’t like, don’t share, don’t lol, don’t support. Support cosplayers who do what they love. New novices and old pros. Support people who live their are. And support cosplay.


And as always,

Have a geek filled day!

Josie Price

Mild mannered writer Josie Rose is known as a calm Graphic Design student who never misses a due date. But when darkness falls she becomes the Proverbial Princess. A cosplaying fiend out to decorate the world in glitter. Watch out, or she'll sparkle you too.