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Moderately Interviewed-An Interview With Moderately Okay Cosplay

Happy Cosplay Friday! This week we are featuring an interview with Moderately Okay Cosplay. Moderately Okay Cosplay is a Video Game and Anime Cosplayer who has been cosplaying since 2013. He describes himself as, “Cosplaying people from things that don’t exist.” Check out the interview we did with him!

JR:How long have you been cosplaying?
Moderately Okay Cosplay: I’ve been cosplaying regularly since 2013


JR:Do you cosplay or crossplay or both?

Moderately Okay Cosplay: I cosplay, but I’ve messed around and wore girls cosplays before. I wore my friend’s Lunafreya cosplay from Final Fantasy XV. It was fun!

JR:Would you consider more crossplay in the future?

Moderately Okay Cosplay: I’m open to anything!

JR:You describe your cosplays as Moderately Okay, is there a backstory in this name, if so what?

Moderately Okay Cosplay: Well when I was coming up with a page name I was gonna call it “Okay Cosplays”, but I didn’t think it was catchy enough so I added Moderately and dropped the “s” from Cosplays. Because I didn’t want people to think I was some d-bag sharing other people’s cosplays and calling them “okay”. So “Moderately Okay Cosplay” it was, I thought every word ending in “Y” made it catchier! I wanted to make the name something with “okay cosplay” because I never wanted to present myself as this amazing, “You can’t reach my level cosplayer”. I’m just a guy making costumes from things he loves, and I wanted to show people anyone can do what I do.


JR:Most people consider there to be six big categories for cosplay, Anime, Movies, Video Game, Tv Shows, and Comics. Of those six what do you consider yourself to be a main cosplayer of?

Moderately Okay Cosplay: I’ll say video games, but I do a mix of video games and anime mostly.


JR:What is advice you have for someone looking to turn cosplay into a career?

Moderately Okay Cosplay: Do what you love and other people will love it too. I just kinda stumbled into it being a career. I think it’s like when musicians always say, don’t do it because you want to make money, do it because you love doing it and the money will follow. It’s a very luck-based, opportunity based thing. Just gotta keep at it!

JR:Do you create your own cosplays or buy/commission them?

Moderately Okay Cosplay: Depends on the cosplay. Some are sponsored, most are made by me unless I say otherwise. I like to commission stuff though, I really do, I love supporting other cosplayers and wearing things they’ve made.



JR:What is your favorite tool when creating cosplays?

Moderately Okay Cosplay: Probably my dremel, it’s rotary tool, for sanding, shaping, cutting, etc. It’s great for armor and props


JR:What is a cosplay pet peeve of yours?

Moderately Okay Cosplay: When people think they own a character and that nobody else except them can cosplay it. That should be something cosplayers bond over!

JR:If there was one animal you would compare yourself to what would it be and why.

Moderately Okay Cosplay: A cat, because I like to sleep a lot, I want attention on my own terms, I like pets, and I want to eat whenever I’m hungry and whine if I don’t get food immediately.


JR:Do you attend conventions to show your cosplays?

Moderately Okay Cosplay: Yeah! I do them more to hang out with friends and buy merch from artist alley. But I like wearing cosplay at cons!

JR:What was your first convention?

Moderately Okay Cosplay: Anime Festival Orlando!


JR:What was your last convention? 

Moderately Okay Cosplay: Florida Supercon.


JR:What is your next convention?

Moderately Okay Cosplay: Epicon in Georgia, and then Anime Weekend Atlanta!

JR:What role do you believe cosplay plays in the fandom world?

Moderately Okay Cosplay: There’s really no other way to become a character you love. Cosplay fills a really cool niche where you can pay homage to a character you love like no other art form can


JR:What does cosplay mean to you?

Moderately Okay Cosplay: I guess my answer for this is the same as the last.  It’s the best way I’ve found to pay homage to the characters I love and new characters I really like

To see more of Moderately Okay Cosplay’s, check out his social media at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ModeratelyOkayCosplay/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moderatelyokaycosplay/?hl=en


And as always,

Have a geek filled day!

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