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Cosplay Interview with Krystina Arielle

Cosplay’s brightest shining star right now is Krystina Arielle. She is a cosplayer, singer, and entertainer in Los Angeles California. She moved to LA three years ago from Columbus, Georgia and she has been cosplaying since 2013.  The reason she is such a shinning star? Her talent no doubt, but personally, I believe it is her optimistic and sweet personality. She is in person as amazing as she seems through her social media accounts. Her live tweets and stories are my favorite, that is when you see her really shine. She is always happy to bring her followers into her world and share her experiences with everyone. Her geek love is genuine and her passion is contagious. It’s hard to be in a bad mood when you her smile come across your feed. She’s been featured in cosplay videos, published works and more. 

Cosplay Culture Photo: @jamesrulison

When did you first discovery cosplay?

I first really discovered cosplay when I stumbled into Momo-con Saint Patrick’s weekend in 2013.

What was it about cosplay that you like so much?

I love being able to honor characters that I have loved for so much of my life, and bringing them to life in my own way.

What was your first cosplay and what made you decide to do it?

My first cosplay was Lieutenant Uhura. I have always loved Star Trek and I am completely enamored by Nichelle Nichols and all that she has meant to people of color in the sci-fi community.

What has been your most recent cosplay?

My most recent cosplay was Wakandan Wonder Woman.

How do you decide on what cosplays to do?

The characters I choose are usually characters that I have loved or looked up to in various ways.

What is the process of building your cosplay? How long does it take from start to finish?

It truly depends on the character and what it will entail. I am by no means a master crafter and have been very fortunate to work with very talented costumers like Corena Gibson (@costumecorena) and Lauren Matesic (@castlecorsetry). They are able to help bring whatever my vision is to fruition and I am grateful for that.

Which cosplay was the biggest challenge for you to put together and why?

I would say Misty Knight. Corena and I worked together on the mold and piecing to create the bionic arm. Luckily my friend Vergia McCrary helped get the final pieces lined and we got it together just in time for the Buzzfeed video shoot.

Which cosplay was the easiest for you to put together and why?

Rey was the easiest because I had the entire look visualized and it came together without much grief.

Which cosplays have brought you the most satisfaction and why? Do you have a favorite cosplay or yours?

My Wonder Woman brings me so much satisfaction. Mainly because I had no intention of being Wonder Woman at all. The character intimidated me but once I put on the suit, I felt like it was meant to be. It has truly become a favorite and I love her.

How do you feel about where you are now as a cosplayer as opposed to when you started?

I can definitely say that my cosplay has leveled up. I feel a lot more comfortable and confident in my costumes as opposed to when I started. I look at each one with pride, even my very first one.

Do you have any favorite stories from your different cosplay adventures?

My favorite story from cosplay goes back to working with sci-fi parody band the Library Bards on their “Now You Have the Bridge Spock” video. I stood on the set playing Lieutenant Uhura and it was so surreal. I told Bonnie Gordon, “If nothing else comes from this, I hope that Nichelle Nichols gets to see me play her, and that she gets to know how much she means to me.” A few months later I worked The Hollywood Show convention in LA. The booth next to ours for that two day period… Nichelle Nichols. Not only did she get to see the video. I got to watch it with her. Spending that time with her was a gift and I am so grateful for that memory.

Are there any future cosplay that you are currently working on?

I am currently working on about three. I’m so excited about what I do my list of to-do’s is getting pretty intense. 🙂

Do you have a cosplay bucket list of cosplay you want to eventually do?

I absolutely do. I want to so a Saga cosplay, a Black Panther cosplay, and so many more.

Are there other cosplayers who have or do inspire you?

I am a big fan of Alicia Marie Body, Utahime Cosplay, Alyson Tabbitha, Tara Nicole Cosplay, Ali Williams, Ivy Doom Kitty, and so many more. Each of these cosplayers has influenced or inspired me in some way.

What kind of stuff are you interested in outside of cosplay?

Spending time with my husband Anthony and my stepson Luke. Music, hiking, and my personal favorite time passer… Vanderpump Rules.

What advice do you have for someone who is new to cosplay and wants to get started in it?

Don’t let how someone else cosplays intimidate you. Everyone starts somewhere. Some people are costumers, some people keep costumers in business. There is no right or wrong way to cosplay. Do it because you enjoy it. If you’re doing this to please others you’ll never be happy. You’ll feel like you’re constantly chasing something. Just enjoy yourself and have fun.


To find out more about Krystina, check out her social media accounts below:

Instagram: @krystinaarielle
Twitter: @krystinaarielle
Vero: @krystinaarielle
tumblr: @krystinaarielle

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