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3 reasons why you need to start a Podcast

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Okay, so you’re out in the back patio, throwing back a few suds and start talking about the new Ford Mustang for 2015. You and your friends go into an endless debate before you realize that 20 minutes had gone by. Then one of you makes the comment that this happens all the time and it’s really informative and sometimes funny to watch everyone argue, and should’ve recorded it. Cue that light bulb. If this sounds familiar, the real question becomes: why haven’t you started a podcast yet? Not sure if its something worth doing or just not sure where to start? Well here are three reasons why you should be hosting your own show.

1) Subject discussion

stock-footage-man-speaking-into-studio-microphone-mid-close-up-shotYou and your buddies have plethora of knowledge on everything on the subject every time this particular topic comes about. People want to hear your opinion on the matter. You guys present and contribute something to the table that only YOU and your buddies can bring. When you all start talking, you know that everyone that is listening is glued to your side of the room.


2) Equipment

at2020-mic-pack-proPodcasting sounds simple right. Get a microphone and a computer and you’re all set. Sounds easy but how does that saying go? “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is”. In order to have the best sounding podcast, your audio is everything. So get yourself a good microphone,  headphones, articulating boom stand, software and you’ll sound like the pros. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to sound “rich” in audio quality. However you don’t want to go too cheap, because there is another saying that comes to mind: “you get what you pay for.”




TOG Radio Icon(lighting)You have the vision, and can see it now. All of your family and friends will be talking about your show. Come up with a name that sounds awesome but not too crazy. That name is your signature. When folks start listening to your podcast, make sure they know what they are looking for. Be creative. Be unique. Be you. All three will reflect on the show.





For as long as I can remember, I was always fascinated with electronic gizmos, video games, comics, costumes, and movies. As time passed by, I realized that the older one gets, that same fascination becomes one of the very things that define who you will eventually become. For Danniel and I, it was that love for all the above that always got us talking and debating for hours on end. Seriously, we could literally go on forever on a particular topic, but that’s what made it fun. One night, we were sitting in Slade’s garage,(there was a lot of alcohol involved) and discussing comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, until we both decided to actually let people listen to exactly what we talk about. And it is in that moment, the Temple Of Geek was born. Now while the idea was there, it was a little tough actually getting started.

1525321_611578898890344_615505023_nI just can’t believe that three short years ago, this all started as a two-man podcast, starring Danniel & I.While our first podcasts were not the greatest, we did eventually find our rhythm. Over time, we have acquired new members and the vision that started off as a two-man podcast show, grew into what it is now. That just sounds crazy for me to say, “over time”.  For that, we have,YOU, the fans to thank. I can’t express into words what that means to us. And just stick around, because it is only going to get better. Kevin Smith said on an episode of Comic Book Men, that if he had to do it all over, he would’ve started with a podcast show. When you start to think about it, it really is a nice way to get noticed, all the while just having a normal conversation; only recorded. So what are you waiting for? GET PODCASTING!!!

SIDE NOTE: “Temple of Geek, started in a garage.” If only we were in that commercial…

Paul is an aspiring filmmaker. He breathes, eats and craps out movies. To sum up: Paul is the Movie Guy! A living “IMDB” in the making. Aside from that, he loves anything geek associated. From comics, to costumes, to conventions, to video games. He is the founder of Phantom Banshee Films and along with Danniel, he will be using his talents and techniques, to help bring you T.O.G fans a little more to the Podcast experience. Paul’s favorite quotes include: “whatever, continue, and our personal favorite, “I hope it doesn’t suck”!”