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9 Wonder Woman Comics To Read After Seeing BvS

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So you’ve seen Batman vs Superman, and you loved Wonder Woman, but you haven’t read any of her comic book titles….what should you read? Well I’ve got a list for you! These all may not be the BEST Wonder Woman comics, but I feel that they each give something a little different that you can learn about Wonder Woman. Plus, these comics are not too hard to find in your local comic book store or online.


  1. Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman Volume 1

If you want to ease into discovering Wonder Woman and don’t want to look too hard for a good trade paperback to read, this one is perfect for you. It’s somewhat recent, so you are more likely to find it in a local shop, and it offers a bunch of different one-off issues to see the character in different storylines. You don’t need to know any epic backstory to follow along, and you don’t need to buy a whole series to get the whole story. Plus, it features amazing writers like Gail Simone (more on her later), Gilbert Hernandez, and Amanda Deibert. The artwork is another great part of this because the artists draw Wonder Woman different for every issue! You see her as she was back in the 40’s, you see modern Wonder Woman, and even a more anime looking Wonder Woman.


  1. Wonder Woman Volume 1 – Blood (New 52) Written by Brian Azzarello

Now remember I said this list wasn’t going to be all of the BEST Wonder Woman titles? Well, this one is not my favorite, but I feel it is important to read if you are going to get into Wonder Woman. It’s the beginning of the more recent run of Wonder Woman, and it shows a little bit different origin story than we normally get from Wonder Woman. It’s a small change, but it has great impact on the entire storyline of this run. Instead of Wonder Woman fighting the bad guys on Earth, we see her dealing more with the bad guys in the Greek mythology world. What? Don’t worry, it makes more sense when you read it.


  1. Who Is Wonder Woman? Written by Allan Heinberg

This Wonder Woman title takes place after the big event Infinite Crisis. If you have read that event, you know why that’s important, but if you haven’t, what you need to know is that Wonder Woman killed a man in desperate times and now she’s in hiding. Donna Troy is the new Wonder Woman now, but that doesn’t mean she’s the lead of this story. This title follows Agent Diana Prince (Wonder Woman undercover) who is assigned by the Department of Metahuman Affairs to find the real Wonder Woman (herself) to be charged and punished for her crimes. We see Diana slip into her role of Wonder Woman in emergencies, but this book shows us Diana struggle with her identity and who she wants to be.

4-8. Gail Simone’s run of Wonder Woman (The Circle, Ends of Earth, Rise of the Olympians, Warkiller, and Contagion)

Now you might be wondering why I included all five volumes of Gail Simone’s run of Wonder Woman, but the reason is because it’s all amazing! Gail Simone is not only one of my favorite writers for Wonder Woman, but she’s my favorite comic book writer! Her run of Wonder Woman is one of the best, hands down! Gail Simone knows how to write characters, not just superheros punching each other (all though she can do that too), but actually fully developed characters that you care about. She makes you understand their motives and struggles, and of course they kick butt! She does this for Wonder Woman, easily. So if there is a full run of Wonder Woman that you want to buy, this is the one to get!


  1. Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia Written by Greg Rucka

This is a one off story that deals with Wonder Woman protecting a young girl that Batman is on a mission to capture. Now why would Wonder Woman go against Batman? Well there’s a deal between the girl and Wonder Woman known as The Hiketeia that means Wonder Woman must provide protection for her supplicant or the wrath of the gods will be brought upon her. During this story we discover that the girl Wonder Woman is protecting is a good person, but has a bad past, and that’s why Batman is after her. Batman tries to convince Wonder Woman to release her, but Wonder Woman is true to her word. Also, the writer Greg Rucka is going to be writing the new run (Rebirth) of Wonder Woman, so this can get you a sense of his writing style! Plus, how cool is that cover?


So now you have a list to get started on! Wonder Woman is an iconic character, but she’s also a character that people take for granted and overlook. She’s featured in a lot of the other main titles, but her titles are just as interesting to read, so I hope you give some of these a try! These are some great ones to read before her own movie comes out. If you have read any of these titles, what did you think? Comment below or tweet @templeofgeek to tell us!