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A Cosplayer’s 8 Steps To Surviving SDCC

Is your cosplay ready for SDCC? San Diego Comic-Con is known as the biggest Comic-Con in the world for everything including cosplay. Accordingly, some of the biggest and best cosplays can be seen there every year. But that begs for the question to be asked, are you and your cosplay really ready? Being such a huge event can make it seem overwhelming. That’s why Temple of Geek has made this handy list of 8 things you should know to survive SDCC.

1. Pack Comfortable Shoes

Although it can be tempting to plan to only wear those killer cosplays heels, your feet are gonna be screaming different at the end of the days. SDCC is a huge event that includes tons of walking, so pack those comfy flats for later in the day.

2. Stay Hydrated

With all the miles you’ll be walking during SDCC, it is so important to stay hydrated. Cosplays can often be heavy and hot causing dehydration. Not to mention all the caffeine you consume will inevitably dehydrate you.

3.Take Breaks

Undoubtedly, taking a break in between events and activities is crucial at SDCC. Whether it just be finding a place to sit to get off those costume heels or grabbing a bite to eat, take breaks.

4.Know Your Limits

The limits of someone wearing a full-body cosplay with armor and someone just wearing a fur bikini are going to be very different. Know your limits and don’t go past them.

5. Read The Costume Policy & Come Prepared

These days every convention you will attend will have its own set of rules and regulations regarding cosplays. This is especially important to consider if your costume is going to have a weapon. Here is a link to SDCC’s rules and costume policy: comic-con.org/convention-policies

6. Pack An Emergency Kit

No matter how well built your costume is stuff happens. Packing a small emergency kit with things like safety pins, a mini sewing kit, and band-aids.

7. If You Plan To Buy, Plan To Carry

Although purchasing something big can be tempting, always consider that you’re going to be carrying it alongside any costume pieces you have for the rest of the day. Know how much you want to carry for the rest of the day.

8. Have Fun!

SDCC is a long anticipated event with tons of exclusives and events especially for cosplayers. You’ve worked long and hard for this moment, so enjoy it!

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