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A Full Moon Of Photography: Interview With Draksmoon Photography

Happy Cosplay Friday! As January comes to close, we are presenting to you an interview with French cosplay photographer Draksmoon Photography. She specializes in action cosplay photography and has been featured on offcial pages for The Witcher for her shoot of Ciri. See what you can learn as this incredibly talented photographer let’s us in on her tricks for the perfect cosplay shot.


JR:How long have you been in photography?

Draksmoon: I started taking photography 3 years ago, with concert and pets photography.


JR:What type of camera do you use to shoot with?

Draksmoon: I own a Nikon SLR camera (D610) and various lenses (Nikon 70-200 2.8, Nikon 50 1.4, Nikon 20 2.8)


JR:What styles of photography do you specialize in?

Draksmoon: I’m specialized in various fields including: Animals, concerts, landscapes and cosplay photography.


JR:Do you believe the location you shoot a cosplayer in changes the way the cosplay is viewed?

Draksmoon: Of course, it depends on the universe of the cosplay, but the location can totally change the atmosphere of a photo. It can also enhance the cosplay greatly.


JR:What do you consider your most memorable work to be?

Draksmoon: I like working with all the cosplayers, but the character that has fascinated me the most is the cosplay of Ciri from The Witcher 3. I was lucky to have a fine scenery and a beautiful horse for the shooting. They have been shared by the official pages of the game, it’s my biggest pride.


JR:Do you think cosplay changing as you go to different locations?

Draksmoon: I think there are talented cosplayers everywhere, but they’re more numerous in big cities which makes shooting with cosplayers in big cities slightly easier.


JR:What is something people do in cosplay that drives you crazy?

Draksmoon: I love big armor, as those inspired by the universes of Blizzard. But things like mechanical wings drive me crazy. They’re big, bulky, and hard it get in a shot.


JR:Where did your name, Draksmoon Photography, come from?

Draksmoon: I was looking for a nickname that matched me and that doesn’t exist anywhere but within this name. It means “dragon moon”. The dragon is my favorite mythical creature, and the moon is because I started making concert photography in the darkness.


JR:If there was one animal you would compare yourself to what would it be and why.

Draksmoon: A black panther, it’s an animal discreet and solitary. It’s patient and adapts to any environment. It is also an animal of the night.


JR:A lot of the cosplay you shoot is live action while the cosplay is doing something, how do you think shooting cosplayers while they are doing something changes the end result?

Draksmoon: The movement is very important in a photo. For example, lifting the hair or a cape to simulate the wind gives a nice dynamic to the photo. I ask my assistant to repeat this as many times as necessary to get the right picture. It can also be the expression of a cosplayer that accompanies the action. It really changes the photo when it fits perfectly to the personality of the character.


JR:Which do you prefer and why, photographing at a convention or photographing at a pre-chosen location?

Draksmoon: I prefer to photograph cosplayers in a chosen place, the photos are much better than at a convention and allow to stick to the universe of the character. At conventions, I’m almost on the stage to take pictures because there are lights and a decor that does not disturb the eye. And cosplayers are also more in their character on stage. Conventions are also an opportunity to meet new cosplayers and discover their work.


JR:What does your work mean to you?

Draksmoon: I take pleasure in photography, each time it’s a great experience to make different photo shoots and I learn a lot of new things.












To learn more about Draksmoon Photography or to see more of her incredible work, visit her social media pages at:

Facebook: facebook.com/Draksmoon

Instagram: instagram.com/draksmoon_photography/


And as always,

Have a geek filled week!

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