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A Marvel Studios Spider-Man


We all heard the news reports of the talks between Sony and Marvel Studios to bring Spider-man to the Marvel Cinematic universe. We also heard that the talks reportedly fell through. Latino Review is now indicating that may not be entirely true. Word has it that pressure from Sony Pictures’ parent company is rumored to be pressuring them to start that dialogue up again. But what does that mean for us? It means we may actually get the webhead and the Avengers in the same universe.

Latino Review reports that Marvel is not interested in giving creative control of Spider-Man to Sony or “honoring the contracts with Sony’s Spider-Stars.” This means that there will be no Andrew Garfield. This will disappoint a lot of fans like myself that felt Garfield brought a certain charm to the character that was missing in the Raimi version of the character.


If these talks go through, it would give Marvel full creative control over the character and would get him introduced in the cinematic universe where he belongs. If all of this is true, we might get Spider-man as soon as May 6th 2016 when Captain America: Civil War is released.

I cannot wait to see what happens with this. This will destroy any chances of an Aunt May film being created. We will see Marvel bring the story back to the core of what the character is about, dealing with the troubles of being a teen and having super abilities. We will stop seeing the character get caught up in the romantic entanglement stories that he has been involved with 5 times already.


This will be a fresh start of the character in the MCU. When we meet him, he will already have been Spider-man for some time now. This will break the revamp being an origin story that movie-goers have seen over and over by now. This will introduce the world to a new Spider-man actor.

What is your take on this? Do you want to see this deal re-negotiated? Do you want to see Spider-Man in the MCU? Do you think we will see it happen before Marvel’s Civil War? Sound off below.

Danniel Slade

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