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A Salute to Supernatural Convention in Las Vegas – It’s the Place to Be! Part 2

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I hope you at least browsed through Part 1…. If not, Click Here, I can wait. Plus, it is totally worth going through and checking out the pictures and videos. I know you want to hear Gil McKinney sing a Michael Bublé song. It’s worth it.

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Sorry I couldn’t help myself.

So, in part 1 we made it through Thursday and Friday together, which was a Hoot. Fabulous celebrity guests, Gil McKinney singing, The High Church of the Holy Dick, and Karaoke Night!!!!!

But let us not forget we have 2 more days to discuss. Saturday & Sunday!

So here are the highlights from the final 2 days of Vegas Con!

1. Richard took the stage bright and early Saturday morning with Louden Swain, still no Rob Benedict though. We were told he would be there later tonight. WOOT!

Photo by Katharine Penix

2. First up was Osric Chau (Kevin Tran) and Gil McKinney (Henry Winchester). A duel panel to start Saturday off.

  • I just want to mention that Osric was wearing this crisp, fabulous suit. He looked amazing!
  • Gil was wearing a suit as well. He made a comment about how he was afraid of what was going to happen because Osric asked him to wear a suit during their panel. Osric has been known to trick Gil into a duel cosplay moment. Do you remember what happened in San Francisco??
Source: lovemesomespn.tumblr.com
  • So you can understand Gil’s worries. They totally did photo-ops like this too. LOL. Anyway, back to Vegas.
  • Someone asked Gil what his dream role on Broadway is? He said he would love to play Marius in Les Miserables. So of course the audience cheered for him to sing and once again Gil woo’d us with his voice.

@gilmckinney….. ❤️ his voice = happiness #VegasCon #spncon

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  • AMAZING!!!!!!!!

3. Next up was Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer) and Kim Rhodes (Sheriff Jody Mills)!

Photo by Katharine Penix

4. Next was the fabulous SUPERNATURAL COSTUME CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I was very impressed with both the kid and adult divisions this year! Everyone did a fabulous job.

5. Following a very long break, the irreplaceable Mark Sheppard (King of Hell, Crowley) took the stage! And by “took the stage” I mean he wandered around in the crowd.

Photo by: Katharine Penix
Photo by: Katharine Penix
  • Congratulations btw! He & his wife just had beautiful new baby!!!! We are so happy for the Sheppard Family!
  • Before, Mark came out his 10-year-old son came out and answered some of the audiences burning questions. It was fabulous. Wicked smart kid!
  • I love Mark’s panel’s because he doesn’t take anyone’s crap and if he doesn’t like your question he will tell you to sit down. It’s fabulous!
  • A common question was whether or not he will be on Sherlock at some point? If he made it on the show he would be the first to complete the SuperWhoLock series. Mark said that he has met with Steven Moffat several times and he said that when a character pops up in the series that’s perfect for Mark he will get a call and that he would love it if Bob (Mark’s fandom) would stop tweeting, emailing, and calling him about it. LOL.
  • The SPNFamily has a lot of love for this man. The series wouldn’t be the same without him.

6. After another break, a super handsome trio took that stage! Matt Cohen (Young John Winchester), Richard Speight, Jr. (Trickster/Gabriel), & FINALLY Rob Benedict (Chuck Shurley)

Photo By: Katharine Penix
Photo By: Katharine Penix
Photo By: Katharine Penix
  • I love it when these 3 have a panel together. So many ridiculous things happen, like Rob & Matt running through the aisles high-fiving everyone while singing!
  • Richard also starts off each question with “You” & pointing at a person. Lol!
  • They are truly amazing and the best of friends these 3.

7. And finally, the man everyone on Saturday had been waiting for….. MISHA COLLINS (Castiel)

  • Now, convention staff have come up with a new system for asking questions to Misha & J2. You put your name in a box and the staff randomly choose 30 names, 15 for each mic. I put my name in for both & guess what I got picked to ask Misha a question. I was nervous as hell! Just saying.
  • I asked Misha about his charity work with his organization, Random Acts, and whether he has considered making a documentary and if he would consider speaking at schools to get students more motivation to do Random Acts of Charity in their communities. I also mentioned GISHWHES, his annual scavenger hunt.
  • Misha said that he thinks making the documentary would be difficult because some people just don’t like being filmed, which is understandable. Misha liked the speaking at schools idea. He recently spoke at Eric Kripke’s former elementary school and he loved seeing the kids get so excited to help out. He asked me if I participate in Gishwhes? I told him yes. He asked if I loved it, I said yes, and he asked if it was torture, I said YES. He also asked if I was going to participate this year and I said YES OF COURSE. Team Mishaburgers loves the torture that is Gishwhes!
  • After my question I was able to record some of his panel

  • Misha is a wonderful person. I’m so happy that I have had the opportunity to meet him & participate in his scavenger hunt. If you want to read up on Gishwhes Click Here.

I did not attend the Saturday Night Special starring Louden Swain and Celebrity Guest Performers

  • Unlike Karaoke Night, this show is extra unless you have one of those fancy Gold, Silver, or Copper Passes. I heard the show was amazing though. I went the previous year. If you have the chance to attend it is absolutely worth it. It is quite an experience.

And that wraps up Saturday! Which leaves us with Sunday, the final day, or as it is commonly referred to…. JARED & JENSEN DAY!!!!!

1. Jake Abel (Adam) was first up! He looked pretty fabulous for still dancing in hell…. jk.

Source Tumblr
  • I’m just kidding! Sort of. Anywho…… Jake was asked a lot about what he thinks Adam is going through in the cage. He’s been there since the end of S5…. It’s S11 now. LONG TIME!
  • He also got a lot of questions about Percy Jackson. There wasn’t a lot of love from the audience of his run in that film series, but I liked it. The first one was really good. Anyway. Jake was awesome. I would love to see him come back.

2. Next was a little stalling/singing from the fabulous Rob Benedict & Louden Swain

3. NOW……. I know these are the pictures you have been waiting for. I know I know. J2 is where a lot of the love is. I mean they really are the heart of the show. So without further ado….. Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) & Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester)!

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  • The boys are everything! I did not get picked to ask a question to them. I was so bummed because I really wanted to ask Jared about the Gilmore Girls Revival. UGH…. No one asked about it either.
  • After about 5 minutes of Jensen giving Jared crap about how he has a black cover on his mic because he claps using the mic & then Jared did a mic drop which broke it TWICE. This is why we can’t have nice things. Jared is precious!
  • J2 got a lot of questions about their personal lives, especially about the difficulty of staying close to their family while filming for the show and doing cons? J2 said they never spend more than 2 weeks away from their family. It is still difficult though. Bless them for doing everything they do.
  • My favorite story from this panel was a story Jensen told about a recent trip with his daughter JJ. They went to a Renaissance Faire near Austin. Jensen said there was this guy who had his head through a hole in a wall and for $5 you could throw 4 tomatoes and try to nail him right in the face. This guy was just heckling the crap out of whoever was walking by. Jensen happened to stop near this area and the girl running it happened to be a fan of the show. She ask him if he wanted to try to hit him. She told Jensen for $5 he could have as many tomatoes as he wanted to try & nail this guy. He said JJ asked him what he was doing, he said ” Daddy is going to try to hit this man in the face with a tomato.” First tomato misses. And the guy just laid into Jensen. He was yelling about how he was only on the SPN because no one else wanted him & he didn’t care how awesome the show was. “He was awesome!” Now, Jensen said it was about a 40-ft gap you had to throw over & the guy only gets hit maybe 1 or 2 times a weekend. With that Jensen said he was throwing the tomatoes as HARD as he could. He played baseball in high school. Tomatoes 2-4 miss, but tomato #5 nails him right in the left eye. He hit him so hard with the tomato it actually knocked the guy out of the hole and the best part when it happened, JJ started clapping & yelling “YAY DADDY!” Kid’s gotta love them!

Post J2 Panel resulted in a running high-five from Rob!

4. The last person to round out the day was the lovely Ruth Connell (Rowena)

  • She was giving out toiletries to people who asked excellent questions.
  • Ruth is a very lovely and talented woman. She is one of the celebrity guests that performs during the Saturday Night Special.
  • She is also a crowd traveler!

Well folks that pretty much wraps up this years Supernatural Vegas Con 2016! Rob if you would…..


My sister told me that she read a story about this. She said that while in the autograph line one of the volunteers or handlers came up and whispered something into Jensen ear and he said “Oh really?” *more whispering* “Don’t worry I’ll take care of it.” Then Jensen excused himself for a potty break. HE WAS GONE FOR 30 MINUTES. Now I’m not saying Jensen did this, but…….. He does look pretty guilty especially since he returned with a huge grin on his face.

Well everyone, thank you for sticking through this long ass article with me. Feel free to download any of the pictures, but don’t forget to say where you go them!

Until next time……..

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