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The Aesthetic Gamer- Road to Bane of War VII 2017

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Kevin here with my first article on tabletop war-gaming called the Aesthetic Gamer. As the title indicates when it comes to gaming on the tabletop I aim for the aesthetic/fun side of war-gaming and try to squeeze a victory with that as my focus. It is just gaming after all and if it isn’t fun then why play in the first place? I also chose aesthetic vs. cinematic because cinema has failed me on certain occasions. Fury for example was an EXCELLENT movie for the graphics and realities of what war is really like, but the inaccuracies are PAINFUL…granted they are there to make the movie better but still… Anyways that is an article for another day, back on topic: BANE OF WAR VII.

Bane of War VII

Bane of War VII is the 7th annual Bane of War: Flames of War (FoW) tournament held in Austin, TX and this year it is part of the national circuit of tournaments held across the US. For those not familiar with Flames of War it is a World War 2 tabletop game at 15mm scale by Battlefront Miniatures. Armies are divided by country and then further divided by what period of the war is being fought. Tanks used during the early war period are NO comparison to those used towards the end of the war…This tournament is unique to me as it is not held in the customary “event” room of a hotel but the Military Forces Museum on Camp Mabry, TX. I get to blow up 15mm Shermans while standing next to the real thing!

Texas Military Forces Museum
Jagdpanzer 38 (Sd.Kfz. 138/2), later known as Hetzer (“pursuer/hunter”)


Bane of War VI

Last year was my first time attending a Flames of War tournament and it was amazingly fun enough so I had to try my hand at it again. I only had roughly ten games total under my belt prior to going to the tournament so my record of 3 wins, 2 losses there was not disappointing to me. Games are 3 hours long and both my losses occurred within 20 minutes of deploying…Ouch, bit too enthusiastic with my Tigers! (I later find out my opponents were also well known stars in the FoW community, this helped with the whole 20-minute defeat) … My actions were a gamble. Did not pay off. Totally worth it to watch!

My Entry for BoW VII

This year is Late War period at 1515 points and I decided to go with a Stug Battalion from the 78th Sturmdivision out of the Grey Wolf book.

Germany is always my go to army if I have a choice, Nurnberg Germany is my hometown so I have to represent. In the next article I will go over what units I chose and why, and then how they actually performed. A plan never survives contact with the enemy after all… Getting ready for this tournament however has been a struggle, dad life after all prevails over anything I may want to do so it was either late night painting after the family is in bed or cram everything for the weekend/night before like big projects in school. So here we are tournament is on Saturday 1/14/2017 and I finally finished painting on…

Completed army photo (1/13/2017):

Those who know me from school will not be surprised with my timing on this…

Later this evening I will be going to the museum to help set up. I finally have my own terrain set and while it does not get used much at home it will have the honor of being in a national’s tournament played on by skilled players from all over the US. I believe some are even from the European Team Championships, yes they fly all the way to Austin to fight us ‘Mericans!

Credit goes out to Mark Bayne for organizing this event, I will try and get some good highlight photos (kind of like sports after game highlights of awesome moments) from the tournament to share from him and post those here later as well. Details for Bane of War VII can also be found at www.baneofwar.com. Wish me luck, the next article I write I will know either victory or defeat for the Fatherland.

Let’s do this.