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The Aesthetic Gamer- Road from Bane of War VII 2017

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Kevin here with my experience of Bane of War VII 2017. It was a great weekend and hard fought tournament with some really good games but overall turned out in defeat for the fatherland… Although not entirely as top prize went to the Axis players! 50 players from all over the US attended with a representative from Battlefront Miniatures present. This year being a national’s tournament meant all players present received a special objective marker that you can only get from attending such an event.

2017 National Tournament Objective Marker

I am not fully up to date on the Stargate series but I believe that’s what this miniature diorama/objective marker is. A sarcophagus guarded by two of the Anubis Warriors seen in the original Stargate film. I will assemble and paint it purely because it is different from anything else people may see out there but maybe someone can chime in the comments below and educate me on how it relates to World War II?

First confirmed kill for my German forces at Bane of War VII. British command jeep.

Stug Load out

Being an aesthetic gamer at heart I had a toss-up of bringing the big cats (Tigers, Jagdtigers, etc.) or the humble StuG. In the end I chose the StuG because I wanted to bring an army not seen very often but still had enough punch to do what I wanted it to do. Also the StuG Battery attached to the 78th Sturmdivision in Grey Wolf has access to Tank Escorts. These are the brave souls who ride on the back of the assault guns and don’t run even when the tank is receiving fire… GUTS. In game terms they help out with handling enemy infantry that I knew I was sure to face. So my army has Anti-Tank capabilities from the StuG’s and can dig out enemy infantry with their riders. Covers all bases right?

1IC Command StuG G 201

Army List:

Command StuG 201

-Tank Escorts


StuG Platoon 211- x2 StuG G (MVP’s picture to the side)

  • x1 StuH 42
  • Tank Escorts

StuG Platoon 213- x2 StuG G

StuG G Platoon 211


  • x1 StuH 42
  • Tank Escorts

StuG Platoon 511- x2 StuG G

  • x1 StuH 42

Sturm Scout Platoon- 1 Squad

  • Command Panzerfaust SMG Team

Sturm Platoon- x2 Squads

  • Command Panzerfaust SMG Team
  • X4 PanzerFaust MG Teams

Rocket Battery- x3 Neb 15cm NW41

  • Anti-tank section: x1 7.5cm PaK 40




The Plan

The plan was for StuG platoons 211 and 213 along with my commander to form the “meat” of my fighting force. They have the escorts so can advance against enemy tanks and dig out enemy infantry VERY efficiently when the time came. StuG platoon 511 was to be my defensive flank with the understrength Sturm Platoon to assist them. The rocket battery had an attached PaK 40 I could throw in close to my Sturm platoon and the Neb’s could throw smoke/barrages at the target of my assaulting StuG’s. Everyone had access to the same exact air support so my air defense was purely my own air support playing linebacker, ready to intercept the enemy.

Sturm Platoon hiding in the woods with support Pak 40

StuG “Success”

My initial games went well with the first two ending in victories, my army performed exactly as I had planned. Unfortunately, what I did not plan for was that after the initial pairings of Armor vs. Infantry or Axis vs. Allied it turned to solely points. In Flames of War that can quickly turn into a Rock-Paper-Scissors situation where no strategy will help me eek out victory…

Game Break-down:

Game 1 vs. British Infantry                                           Victory- Points: 5-2

Game 2 vs. Soviet Infantry (Cavalry)                         Victory – Points: 5-2

Game 3 vs. Soviet Armor (T-34 Company)             Defeat – Points: 3-4

Game 4 vs. German Armor (Jagdpanthers)           Defeat- Points: 2-5

Game 5 vs. Soviet Armor (T-34 Company)             Defeat- Points: 1-6


Day 1:

Games 1 and 2 went exactly as I had planned, the StuG’s with escorts reaped a fearsome tally of enemy dead. Game 3 came down to a Company Morale check, he had 6 tanks remaining out of 30+ and support and I had 4, unfortunately being a dice game my commander threw in the towel first….

Game 2- StuGs decimated Soviet infantry hiding in the woods to capture the objective and Victory!
Game 3- Armor vs. Armor slugfest. German commander launched successful ambush to crush some T-34s.

Day 2:

Game 4 was against very experienced German Heavy Armor tank destroyers. The JagdPanther is essentially the upgraded version of the StuG, Front armor of 10 vs. my 7 and its gun had an Anti-tank rating of 16 vs. my 11… BIG difference. When hit roll a dice and add your armor rating to it, if you beat the anti-tank rating the shot bounces. What this means:

StuG hits Jagdpanther from a distance- Front Armor of 10 +1 for long distance shot equals 11. StuG G anti-tank rating is 11. Assume he rolled a 1. 11+1 equals 12 which beats my AT rating automatically.

Jagdpanther hits StuG from a distance- Front Armor of 7 +1 for long distance shot equals 8. Jagdpanther anti-tank rating is 16. Assume I rolled a 6. 8+6 equals 14 which means I do not have chance to even get a glancing hit, they auto-penetrate.

The StuG can’t hurt the Jagdpanther and can’t survive its return fire. Basically the scissors to my paper… The Jagdpanther company’s weakness is massed armor or infantry blobs, neither of which I possessed.

Shady players I tell you what… NO way a tank could scale a rock like that…

Game 5 was against Soviet Armor though this one was not near as close as the first. Due to scenario rules and a few bad dice rolls I could not recover from the game was over fairly quickly. My opponent however was a great guy from Wisconsin that I played in Game 1 of Bane of War VI, where I was victorious. We are now 1-1, ‘till next year Chuck!

My Scout Platoon died immediately in all 5 games, I must learn to use them better or just cut them… Hindsight is always 20/20 but by removing my support platoons (Scouts, Sturm Platoon, Rocket Battery) and adding in a single King Tiger my last few games would have been VASTLY different…

New Year’s Plan

I would actually like to take the StuG’s again next year. I have a whole year to practice and who knows with Battlefront releasing Version 4 of the rules my tactics and gameplay style may bear more fruit. Thanks to the organizer for holding this event and thank you to the fellow players who made this such a great time!