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Akon 2017: New Location and New Adventures

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This year was Akon 28’s first con in their new location at the Fort Worth Convention Center. I have been attending this Convention for several years now; so when I say the growth that it has experienced within the past few years is astonishing, I mean it. This incredible growth spurt has led the Con to moving to a larger space in Fort Worth. Now let’s talk about how Akon 28 introduced it’s 2017 Con.

This location was honestly so huge, there was room for all the People Akon boasts and many more. The Dealers Hall and Artist Alley was larger than it has ever been leading fans of the Con to a whole new experience. The Fort Worth Convention Center not only boasts a large space, but also the Fort Worth Water Gardens. Quite a site and a great place to pose for Cosplay pictures. Akon also took advantage of the surrounding hotels. They scheduled panels and events in hotels such as the Omni and the Sheraton.

Besides boasting a larger space, Akon also help a variety of panelists. These panelists included but were not limited to: Vic Mignogna, J. Michael Tatum, and Heavygrinder. Besides the long list of big names this con boasted a such a crowd for the record books. Akon continues to grow every year and will continue to do so as the years go forward.

To learn more about what went on during Akon 28 or to learn about Akon 29, check out their website at:



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