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An Award Winner: Interview With Cosplayer Jiaki Darkness

Happy cosplay Friday! This week we present to you our interview with Jiaki Darkness. Jiaki is Thai cosplayer who represented Thailand in World Cosplay Summit for multiple years and came in 2nd place in both 2009 and 2010. Besides these awards he holds countless others in multiple categories and is currently traveling around Southeast Asia as a DJ. We recently sat down to talk to him about his cosplay and what he thinks of the cosplay world today.


JR:How long have you been cosplaying?

Jiaki: I’ve been cosplay around 15-16 years.


JR:Do you cosplay or crossplay or both?

Jiaki: I do cosplay but I was crossplay a few times for fun.


JR:Most cosplayers consider there to be three main categories of cosplay, tv, movies, and video games. What do you consider yourself to specialize in?

Jiaki: For me I never categorize to my cosplays. I just cosplay any characters I love, most of them from media that I’m crazy about. They can be movies, anime, games, and some of them are from my dream child characters.


JR:What do you consider your most memorable cosplay to be?

Jiaki: My most memorable cosplay is my first time I did the anisong live concert with my Levi from attack on titan cosplay in some convention in Phillippines. There was such good feedback from the audience. I saw how people happy were with my performance, it was a surreal experience.

Another one of my favorites is from World Cosplay Summit 2011&2015 YukiGodbless and I were representing Thailandt at WCS. It was so hard for us and we tried so hard for years to complete our cosplay dream to become the representives and travel to Japan for the first time. It was the most happy, tearful, and painful our friendship time our friendship has ever been through.


JR:What is your cosplay pet peeve?

Jiaki: Cosplayers who abuse and bully other cosplayers. An example of that is when I see cosplayers gossip or post on social media to abuse other cosplayers about the quality of their costumes, performance, or photoshoot. It drives me crazy when they go out of their way to to hurt others. People like this tend to not only do this in cosplay but it’s just their personality. They should have more respect to others and learn to be more a more rational person.



JR:If there was one animal you would compare yourself to what would it be and why.

Jiaki: I compare myself to a cat because I’ve spend 70% of my time asleep.


JR:What cosplays are you currently working on?

Jiaki: Loki from Thor 3 Ragnarok.


JR:What was your first convention?

Jiaki: some small cosplay convention in Seacon Square, Bangkok. I can’t even remember the con’s name because it’s been so long.


JR:What was your last convention? 

Jiaki: Otaku Fest, HCM city in Vietnam.


JR:What is your next convention?

Jiaki: The next con I’m going to is Otaku fest, HCM city in Vietnam.


JR:What does cosplay mean to you?

Jiaki: It’s everything to me, I spend my life to live and learn so many new things. Cosplay was how I spent my childhood and how I continue to spend it today. 



To see more of Jiaki’s incredibly cosplays, check out his social media at:


Facebook: facebook.com/jiakidarkness


Instagram: instagram.com/jiakidarkness


And as always,

have a geek filled day!


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