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And the Winner of GISHWHES 2015 is……..

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We have been (not so) patiently waiting since the end of August to find out who the ultimate winner of the 2015 GREATEST INTERNATIONAL SCAVENGER HUNT THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN – G.I.S.H.W.H.E.S – is and that day finally arrived.

On a side note, if you were wondering what the hell GISHWHES is and why I’m even mentioning it… you might want to take a moment and read this -> GISHWHES….. What is it? How do you even Pronounce that? – It explains pretty much everything you need to know. 

ANYWHO…….. Back to the point.

Teams of 15 spent 7 days slaving over a list of 213 hunts items for a chance to make lasting friendships, pour a little more abnosome creativity into the world, make someones day with a simple random act of kindness, and for a chance to win an all expense paid trip with Misha Collins (Supernatural) to Costa Rica.

GISHWHES is a commitment that I have made for the past 4 years, including this year, and every year I ask myself why am I doing this? Why am I digging through the garbage to find enough food scraps to make the First Blade from Supernatural – and I did it!


But then I remember that I actually do have a lot of fun with my teammates who have become some of my very close friends that I talk to all the time. I haven’t even met most of my team in person, but I love them dearly and we look forward to the hunt every year.

It is worth all the stress, the cursing of Misha’s names, the late nights and early mornings because in the end it feels so good to work hard to achieve something with an amazing group of people.

I’m done gushing. Lets get to the winner shall we.




And the 2015 Runner’s Up in no particular over are……

Congratulations to all of this years runner ups! AND TO EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT PARTICIPATED! YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!

In case you were wondering, my team did not win nor were we a runner up. BUT…. We are not giving up. We will be back next year.

Until then if anyone needs me, I’ll be the one dressed like a Russian Nesting Doll Nesting in a Nest in my backyard.

You don’t believe me…… Pictures worth a thousand words!


Have a wonderful day my fellow GISHERS!!!!!!

Katie has a Master’s in Psychology from the University of Hartford and is a former Cast Member of the Disneyland Resort. She was introduced to the world of movies by her father at a very young age and has been a fan ever since. She has a deep love for Jane Austen novel adaptations, Period Dramas, and YouTube vlog-style novel adaptations. She also geeks out over Harry Potter, DC, Marvel, Disney, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, In the Flesh, Star Wars, Star Trek, LOTR, Jurassic Park and Foreign Films. Lastly, Katie loves the theatre, music, novels, Disneyland, college football, baseball, and cycling.