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Anime CTX and The Adventure With The Egg-TOG Picks

The baby sister to Ikkicon, Anime CTX is the end of the summer Anime Convention. Located in central Roundrock, Anime CTX is a perfectly sized convention for a fun weekend trip. Roundrock is a suberb of Austin in itself a great town to visit for shops and restaurant. Although Anime CTX is smaller than Ikkicon it is the perfect size for a good time.

     Within the vendor’s hall Temple of Geek saw possibly the most interesting grab bag I’ve ever seen. A giant Yoshi like egg appearing to be straight out of Mario Bros. Of course with the view of the Yoshi egg within our site we had to purchase one.

   Armed with egg in hand we found a spot to sit to unload our prize. Opening it we found a Miku from Vocoloid Figure, a Larp Kunai, a flag from Cardcaptor Sakura, and a stuffed animal. The Grab Egg costs $35, and the value within ended up being right under $60. Because of this and the originality, the Yoshi egg is TOG’s Dealer’s hall pick.

    Also within this con was their artist alley featuring artists and craftsmen from all over. The instant we saw the the Jellies we knew they were something fun.

  The stuffed jellyfish were from Princess of Jellyfish. They came in variety of colors and the seller was kind enough to tell us the stories behind the jellyfish and the nicknames she’d given them. The gold one is king, the pink one was princess, and although the purple one had no name it was affectionately dubbed Counselor Von Pbbffft.

   In traditional fashion the Jellies were prices $5 to mirror the price of 500 Yen from the show. This was TOG’s Artist Alley Pick.

This year Anime CTX featured an original selection within their Artist Alley and Dealer’s Hall. The finds chosen were what we found the most interesting. Be sure to catch Ikkicon this December at the Renaissance Hotel in Austin.

And as always,

Have a geek filled day!

Josie Price

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