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Anime Fest 2016

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Anime Fest was held at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel on August 12th-15th.
I arrived with my friends at the hotel Friday afternoon and it was the most clustered I had seen the hotel all weekend. Parking and valet garage full, about a 15 minute wait to get our car up front to unload our baggage and worst of all…a two-hour wait for my friend to pick up her badge. The convention itself was exceptionally well-organized. There was a ton of signage, though most peculiar (and potentially hazardous) was the cling wrap on the floor.


Since I spent most of A-Kon 27 attending panels and not enough time mingling with friends, I wanted to change that for A-Fest. I managed to do so, in fact, I didn’t attend a single panel! There were some I wanted to attend yet time kept getting away from me.

Some panels were streamed live on Anime Fest’s YouTube channel. So if you missed Live drawing with Japanese animators, Tokyo Ghoul, One-Punch Man, Manga to Anime: Tokyo Ghoul, One-Punch Man and My Hero Academia or even the Cosplay Contest at the Majestic, you could easily catch the live streams.

With all this extra time on my hands, I had more opportunities to roam around Artist Alley and the Dealers Room. There is one person from each area that I found most impressive.

First up, FluxTide Designs!

Fluxtide and HyperHylianFluxTide

Pokémon GO has taken over your life, don’t even try to deny it. Getting a little low on Pokéballs? No problem, FluxTide has been making prop replicas since 2011 and he has the best handmade Pokéballs I have ever seen hands-down, no-contest. The lids of the Pokéballs are 3D printed while the bottom is made from a silicone resin. My friend Lauren bought a master ball and look how KICKIN’ it is!

Master Ball by FluxTide. Image courtesy of Lauren Arment
Master Ball by FluxTide.
Image courtesy of Lauren Arment
Master Ball by FluxTide. Image courtesy of Lauren Arment
Master Ball by FluxTide.
Image courtesy of Lauren Arment











Want one custom-made? No problem! Commissions are accepted, in fact, I’ll be submitting a request for my customer order in the coming weeks! So jump on this you Pokémon fiends!


Next, Elia in a Box!

elia in a boxElia 3Elia 2Earlier this year at Mini A-Kon I met Elia and became an instant fangirl. I bought her Sailor Moon print (pictured above) and I’ve been following her ever since. As you can tell, Elia’s art is uniquely different from anything else seen in typical Artist Alleys–which is why I adore her. Plus she’s funny!

I was able to get Elia for a quick interview. Turns out Elia started making these comics seven years ago! (How I’m just now discovering her this year, I don’t know!) Elia was taking some art classes when she decided she was “over” how detailed everything was and adapted this stick figure art style whilst still trying to maintain detail. Elia recently published Humans Really Irritate Me which details the crazy ramblings of a past Political Science professor of hers. Currently, Elia is working on a story about a Viking girl, Helga who wants love but she’s really violent. Elia’s next convention is the Creative Women’s Conference Saturday, August 27th from 10am-5pm in the Denton Public Library North Branch.

Be sure to give these two amazing artists some love on their social media pages! (Linked above)

Anime Fest, or Friend Fest as I’m coming to call it was quite the memorable experience. Saturday night was the most memorable. My friends and I found a table outside the Dealers Room, set up Cards Against Humanity and Red Flag, and soon strangers became faces we laughed with. I saw old friends and made new ones. From hand stands in hotel rooms to thirty-minute conversations with Kristen McGuire and Ethyn G. about his movie Killer Cosplay, there was never a dull moment. Honestly, the weekend wasn’t long enough…but on to the next convention we shall go!


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