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Artist Spotlight with Geoff Pascual…

We interviewed watercolor extraordinaire Geoff Pascual!

Q.  Which came first for you the art or the love of all things geek?
  • I tried to think back as far as I could to when I first caught interest in art and video games, but my earliest memories consist of both. Its a really blurry line. For me art and all things geek are interrelated. I enjoy fine art and all things creative including appreciating the art that goes into creating video games.
Q.  When did you realize you could sell your art?
  • When I was in elementary school my friends would ask me to draw them something and I would draw it for them really quick for free. It wasn’t until my neighbor gave me $15 for a drawing I did of Batman that I realized people would actually pay me. My Senior year of high school I decided to open an online Etsy shop. At that time, I hadn’t intended to or even expected Pascual Productions to be where it is today, and I’m glad I stuck with it.
Q.  Is there a specific genre you like painting?  Is it Ghibli, video games, etc? What comes easiest to you?
  • I enjoy painting figures or subjects with human characteristics whether from a game, anime, comic or in life. I enjoy making that characters represent something more to convey a mood, emotion or energy.  We connect with images that we can relate to and most people relate to people. Eyes are the most recognizable to people, its what draws people in because it’s so familiar.
Q.  What advice do you have for young artists that are still looking to find their own style?
  • If finding you’re own style is your top priority, you’ll never find it. You’ll put too much focus and concentration on needing to be something that it’ll cloud your judgment. It’ll come organically to those who just keep pushing forward and develop their craft. Enjoy what you do and keep practicing. The most growth will be from drawing inspiration from things and those you look up to and understanding why they inspire you. In the end be yourself and move in the direction that’s most appealing to you, even if its different than what you’re used to doing. If you look at a painting I did in 2014 to what I’m painting now, you’ll see that my style is always evolving.
Q.  You’ve worked with other mediums but stuck with watercolor because of the challenge, do you feel you’ve “mastered” watercolor?
  • I’ve definitely progressed and have gotten better over the years as a watercolor artist, but it would be ridiculous for me to say that I’ve mastered it. My experience has come from practicing and I’ve learned a lot from experimenting with watercolor. Even today, I’m constantly changing things up. I’m testing out different color palettes and incorporating other mediums such as linocut stamps.
Q.  Do you feel being a Business Major gives you an advantage over other artists?
  • In the beginning, I always thought it gave me an advantage because I was learning things not everyone knows. But this information is readily available for anyone who seeks it. So, today I see business school as more of a tool, and it really depends on the drive behind those using it. Anyone can be a business major and get the same education as everyone else and still end up in a completely different situation. The thirst for knowledge, success, and self-drivenness is what I think has given me an advantage.
Q.  What plans do you have for 2018? 
  • This year I’m making major moves both in my personal and work life. In my personal, I plan on getting married and moving out of my small studio to buy a live/work loft by the end of this year. For my art and work life, I plan on exploring more of my own original characters and also trying to attend more conventions throughout the US.
Q.  What’s next for you and where can our readers find you next?
  • Next, I plan on expanding my online presence and hopefully get into more galleries with original art. I’m constantly adding new prints and traveling to new conventions. You can find me at most of the major ones such as San Diego Comic Con and Anime Expo. To check out the other conventions I’ll be at, you can visit the event page on my website: Pascualproductions.com/events or follow me on Instagram @pascualproductions.

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