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Artist Spotlight with… Joshua Schneider

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We spoke with Joshua Schneider from Fett.up Toys.  He’s been making amazing mash up toys and figures, take a look!
Q: Where did you learn to do what you do?
A: I learned tips and tricks from other artist I found on Instagram but for the most part I usually just pick something up and put in tons of hours of practice until I find a way to make it work.
Q: I don’t think everyone understands how much work goes into each design, can you take us over your process and how long it takes to come up with each toy?
A: Its kinda hard to to take someone through the steps seems like each project has a different starting point but all have the same goal in the end. Some of the figures or toys I have made have been straight forward and others I will have a plan and it goes of track and another figure or Toy comes to life.
Q: Did you always have an interest in combining different toys?  Like were you the kid that took the head off a barbie doll and put it on GI Joe?
A: Growing up in the 80’s I had so many bad ass toys to play with I never took them apart and mashed anything together but I always felt that they could all belong to the same universe so my Toys would battle each other growing up now I can make them look like they belong like my versions of my pet Wookiee, mr boom Bosskstak and the He-man/Star Wars mashups.
Q: You already have a heavy dose of Star Wars and Horror toys… whats next for you?
A: I would really like to start doing my own characters and  original sculpts I’m working on an original toy line geared more for the 21 and over age range I also have my first release for 2018 coming up as well it will be a 6” Original sculpt of Iron Man from Tales of Suspense.
Q: Is it hard for you to sell your work that you put so much work into?
A: Yes it is, but with making toys that I can reproduce it’s been easy to keep one of each I think where it hurts the most is when I do a painting or one off of a figure for a client I always say in the end that I can always make another sadly I never do.
Q: Who or what inspires you the most?
A: My Mother is one of my biggest inspirations as far back as I could remember I have always loved to watch her paint I still have 3 of her paintings hanging in my room whenever I need inspiration all I have to do is look around.
Q: What’s next for you, any cons? Where can our readers find you?
A: Next convention will be Long Beach Comic Expo in February then later in the year I’ll be doing LA Comic Con, Dcon, Long Beach Comic Con and a few smaller shows plus I’ll have my online store open and my Instagram.

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