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Artist Spotlight with Bree Paulsen

This Artist Spotlight we spoke with Bree Paulsen!  Bree talks vampires, influences, and some about the Con life.  Check out Bree’s “Patrik the Vampire” and some of her other amazing creations!
Q.  Where did the fascination with vampires come from?
Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I love many monsters and cryptids, but there’s something about vampires that makes them my favorite. There are many themes about being human that can get exaggerated when you give a character vampirism (loneliness, addiction, toxic/violent behavior, grief).
Q.  How did Patrik the Vampire start?  Can you tell our readers what it is and how it came to be?
My friend and I were riffing ideas for a vampire character while waiting in line at a con. Soon we had the bare bones of Patrik, his friend Becky, and her terrible boyfriend Brian. Things kind of snowballed from there and I starting making the comic itself 10 months later.
Q.  Are there any other comics in the works? Or anything new you can share with us?
There are 2 ideas I’m starting to develop pitches for at the moment, but no other details beyond that.
Q.  What were some of your influences in helping you develop your own style?
 I studied animation so most of my influences come from artists from that field. I’m very fond of the design aesthetic of Disney’s Xerox Era films specifically the 101 Dalmatians for the backgrounds in my comic.
Q.  What do you love and hate about having work a Con?
Cons help me keep going. I love seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones. It’s always a delight to meet readers of my comic and chat with them. They are always the sweetest people and meeting them fills my heart with joy and drive to continue working. The only negatives for me are how fatiguing a con can be and I miss everyone when I’m back home.
Q.  How was your WonderCon?  Any highlights? Lowlights?
I really enjoyed WonderCon this year! I was my first time back in Artist Alley after a couple years in Dealers and Small Press which can be so hard for people to find on the floor.
Q.  What’s one thing you wish fans knew about the Artists working at a con?
Many of us are awkward and kind of shy, so don’t be intimidated by the artists you want to meet.
Q.  Where can our readers find you next?
I’ll be at VanCaf up in Vancouver May 19-20, then MidSummer Scream in Long Beach, CA in July 28-29. I’ll also be at Boston Comic Con and Rose City Comic Con later this year.

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