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Artist Spotlight with Matty Cardarople!

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We spoke with Actor extraordinaire Matty Cardarople. You may recognize him from his outstanding recent roles in “A Series of Unfortunate Events” and “Stranger Things”.  Matty has found his niche playing the awkward and  nerdy type, but he’s become highly recognizable and diverse in his roles.  We hope you enjoy our brief talk with Matty Cardarople!

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You started out working behind the scenes, when and how did you make the jump in front of the camera?

I worked as Luke Wilson’s Personal assistant. It was a fun job and he was a really good guy to work with. He knew I wanted to act and he would always try to get me into the films he was in. My first role was in Blonde Ambition. I played an office clerk. Then, I met his brother Owen and he put me in my first big movie DRILLBIT Taylor. Once again,  I played a clerk. The role I was born to play.

Would you rather stay in the Director/Producer role or focus more on acting?

Right now, I’d rather focus on acting and do a little directing on the side. The world needs laughter more than ever right now and I’m happy to do it.

Any life experiences that prepared you to play the roles you take on?

Yes for sure. I play a lot of clerks. I have a lot of experience on the register from working at Dunkin Donuts in High School. Also, I’m an expert mopper. I can mop any floor. So when I’m doing a clerk role I really visualize those experiences.

What inspired you to get into the movie business?

My mom is a photographer, painter, and was an actress. I get a lot of my creativity from her and my acting chops. I’m a proud mamas boy. In terms of being a movie actor I would say that Jim Carrey was my biggest inspiration. Ace Ventura the film lit my fire. I was hooked on making people laugh.

What’s your dream role?  Is it being a Jedi? or the next great dramatic actor?  What’s the one role you’d LOVE to get?

Yes, Jedi! That sounds amazing. Let’s manifest that. I would love to get a lead part in a movie that makes a lot of people laugh or write one myself. Let’s manifest that too.

What do you enjoy doing outside of movies and TV?

I love to paint and draw. I love spending quality time with my wife, family, pets and friends.

Any advice for young actors chasing their dreams?

Yes. The keys to success are mastering your craft, having fun, being kind, and never giving up. Sounds cliché  but it’s true.

2017 was a big year for you with Stranger Things and Series of Unfortunate Events. What can we look forward to from you in 2018?

Thank you. The sky’s the limit. I’ll be everywhere. Keep an eye out.

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