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Ask a Geek…. What is your most prized geeky treasure?

Today we asked our staff… What is your most prized geeky treasure?


Josie Price:  Sometimes ordering things online is like throwing rocks at a bird, this was not one of these times. I have a replica necklace of the cursed gold from Pirate of the Caribbean. It’s one of my favorite replica necklaces I have. It’s a great piece and I honestly love it so much.


Matthew Wells:  Growing up, the Ninja Turtles were life. I read the grim and strange Mirage comics and watched the cartoon show religiously. At one of my very first comic conventions ever, I picked up an old 5th printing of the original issue #1. Then, in 2016, I was able to meet Kevin Eastman with the issue in-hand. I’m sure he hears about fans like me daily, but he was incredibly cool, engaging, and patient. He also signed the book. It means a lot to me and is my Grail Piece.



Dave Hisaka: I was fortunate enough to work on a movie with Mark, we all went to SDCC to promote the movie and it was insane. After the panel I grabbed everyone’s name card and at the after party I was giving them back and Mark told me he didn’t want his but would gladly sign it for me. So this was my reward for not sleeping for 72 hours.


Dave Hisaka

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