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Ask Temple of Geek…New Year Edition

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We asked our staff…Who is something or someone who inspired you in 2017?


Amanda Fox Rosowki Carrie Fisher, rest in peace. She was a badass before that was a thing. She’s giving us all a loving middle finger from the great beyond.



Matthew Wells  I’m going to say Mark Hamill. From everything I know of him, the man is a class act, does amazing things for charity, and goes out of his way to be a genuinely good-natured ambassador for fandom of all types. And you can tell he learned a thing or two from Carrie Fisher.



Brian Lazarow This may sound a little strange but Elon Musk and his crazy, wonderful plans to get humanity to Mars has really served to spark my imagination along with the discovery of the TRAPPIST-1 system and it’s seven planets. We have come so far and have so far yet to go as a species. And I love reminders of that.


Happy New Year to everyone from our geeky family!

Mild mannered writer Josie Rose is known as a calm Graphic Design student who never misses a due date. But when darkness falls she becomes the Proverbial Princess. A cosplaying fiend out to decorate the world in glitter. Watch out, or she’ll sparkle you too.