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Ask Temple of Geek Staff…

What geeky thing are you most thankful for?

Monica Duarte I am thankful for new Star Wars movies. I was too young to have seen the original trilogy in theaters. But I was an adult when the prequels came out. And it was really cool to see my beloved fandom on the big screen. And now I can share the anticipation and excitement of new movies with my kids.

Josie Price I am thankful for movies and tv that are starting develop representation. Superhero movies have come a long way from the revival. Movies like Wonderwoman and Black Panther are really starting to change the way we look at the superhero genre overall.

Danniel Slade I am most thankful that I am alive to see heroes on the big screen now. When I was a kid, I used to dream about seeing these characters on the movie screen and thought it would never happen. Now we get like 10 superhero movies a year!

Brian Lazarow I am thankful for so much of geek culture becoming mainstream. Even ten years or fifteen years ago, nerds were the weird outcasts. Now the things we love are enjoyed by so many people and treated seriously. Our weirdness is more openly embraced and we have become the experts whom everyone turns to when they want to know more about the heroes they see on the big screen.

Amanda Fox Rosowski I’m thankful for studios who put out games with free DLC like CD Projekt Red.

Matthew Wells I’m thankful for finding groups of friends that share the same hobbies and interests I do when it comes to geeky things. Online communities, local stores, and gaming/comic clubs always gave me the chance to find something new to get lost in.



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