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Ask a ToG staff member…

What was your best jump scare?


Stacy Bishop  I am not a fan of jump scares; but the best ones have always been in haunted houses though. I remember being jump scared so well in a haunted house that right when it happened I couldn’t make a sound. I tried. No yelling…I couldn’t even breathe! 😂


Amanda Fox Rosowski That maze game on the pc that was popular a few years ago where you try to move the pixel thru the maze w/o touching the side and halfway thru for no reason there’s a screaming old hag that pops up. That makes me freak every time.


Matthew Wells I love a lot of horror, now, but was REALLY terrified of them as a young kid. So, embarrassingly, my worst jump scare actually came from seeing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” during Halloween a couple years after it came out. I think I was about 5. The zombies freaked me out and I jumped behind the living room couch. It actually gave me a bloody nose. My friends teased me for years about that and now that I’ve written this I’m sure they will again.

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