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Amanda cut her teeth on her dads old Tandy before graduating to SNES and beyond. An accomplished guild leader in multiple titles and sucker for console RPGs; Amanda spends most of her free time with a bit of tech in her hands. With a life philosophy derived from a Spock quote and more passport stamps then shoes; she is a well-traveled nerd with the urge to pontificate.

This Standalone GWENT Game Got Me Losing Sleep

In The Witcher series, I found the GWENT mini-game a welcome distraction from the other, more critical quests I was working through. The collection aspect, the mini scenes, the sweet smell of victory in the morning; I couldn’t get enough. Looking back, I’m sure this little card game took up …

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Gears of War 4 – What are you!?

Gears of War 4

It seems an easy question a first. Gears of War 4 is at its core a cover-based shooter. Well yes, but then it also has a substantial bit of fortress defense thrown in and some pseudo-platforming dodge bits too. It’s also couch co-op… unless you have more than two people, …

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A Look at The Walking Dead on Android

An official freemium title from AMC; The Walking Dead : No Man’s Land is a resource gathering survival game suitable for anyone with limited time to spend and a grudge against walkers. The objective of the game is fairly simple; maintain and upgrade your survivor camp while improving the abilities …

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15 RPG ‘Rules’ That Every Gamer Knows

Ten of our favorite; universally applicable and facepalm-worthy RPG tropes found on The Grand List Of Console Role Playing Game Clichés by Project Apollo (all credit to them for the amazing list, please do give all 192 clichés a read) below: Garrett’s Principle Let’s not mince words: you’re a thief. You can …

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Chic Ways to Geek Your Place

Having just went to McM Comicon London, I can safely say there are a lot of geeky products out there. However, for those who don’t want to overtly pepper their living space with all things gaming; there are plenty of subtle options from some crafty folks on Etsy that will fill …

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XBOX Backwards Compatibility -E3 2015

For what was a truly mic-drop moment at E3; something that we (gamers) have been told was ‘impossible’ is now a reality for Xbox Preview members: Xbox One Backwards compatibility. The games will be run as an emulator so the chances of your old Rockband controller working are slim, but …

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