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Why Wonder Woman May Not Be Enough

Do you like this post?*This post may contain spoilers to Wonder Woman. If you have yet to see Wonder Woman watch the movie and this article will make a lot more sense. Or not, I tend to ramble.   This June, DC released the long anticipated Wonder Woman movie. Since …

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10 Weird Supplies Every Cosplayer Should Own

Do you like this post?Everyone who has ever made their own cosplays knows you turn to weird places to get your supplies. Whether it be your neighbors trash bin or that clearance section at Michael’s, we know to never turn our nose up at weird supplies. But will even experienced …

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An Animated Life: Interviewing Animator GrittySugar

Do you like this post?Steff Egan aka GrittySugar is a youtube animator known for her quirky-fun animation style. She has a youtube channel with over 90,000 subscribers. Producing fun renditions of Video Game Play Throughers such as Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and the GameGrumps, she keeps us laughing constantly. With a star …

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Akon 2017: New Location and New Adventures

Do you like this post?This year was Akon 28’s first con in their new location at the Fort Worth Convention Center. I have been attending this Convention for several years now; so when I say the growth that it has experienced within the past few years is astonishing, I mean it. …

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Cosplaying on a Budget: What to Consider

Do you like this post?Cosplaying without a budget is like eating a three pound bag of gummy bears in one session. Fun in the moment, but ultimately there will be consequences. In cosplaying without a budget’s case, the consequences are usually looking at your bank account and seeing a negative …

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Cosplay in 2017: Predictions and Trends

Do you like this post?As the first day of spring  has come and passed another season is announced, cosplay season.  Every year around this time cosplayers start to show off the costumes they’ve been grinding on for the past months. And every year we see cosplay trends explode! With six Marvel …

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