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Cosplayer without a plan and a princess without a throne.

Cosplaying on a Budget: What to Consider

Cosplaying without a budget is like eating a three pound bag of gummy bears in one session. Fun in the moment, but ultimately there will be consequences. In cosplaying without a budget’s case, the consequences are usually looking at your bank account and seeing a negative sign. This is why ...

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Cosplay in 2017: Predictions and Trends

As the first day of spring  has come and passed another season is announced, cosplay season.  Every year around this time cosplayers start to show off the costumes they’ve been grinding on for the past months. And every year we see cosplay trends explode! With six Marvel movies, two DC films, six ...

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Beauty and the Beast: A Clash of the Old & New

“Tale as old as time, Tune as old as song, Bittersweet and strange. Finding you can change, Learning you were wrong”  I attended the opening night of the new Beauty and the Beast remake movie and the expectations were up to my chin. The previews had left me concerned, elated, ...

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