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Today marks the 30th Anniversary of, in my opinion, one of the greatest Sci-fi comedy action movies ever created! The concept even now is MIND BLOWING! I have a deep, deep love for this film!


Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the Future was released in theaters July 3rd, 1985. I may not have been alive when this movie was released, but I sure as hell remember watching it so frequently that I know at least half of the dialogue or more, probably more. This movie was everything a 1980s movie should be and more.


The casting for this movie was phenomenal – Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Crispin Glover, and Thomas F. Wilson. I honestly don’t think this movie would continue to be as popular as it is, even 30 years later if it didn’t have this cast. Fox and Lloyd had perfect chemistry and worked so well together. They are the reason I watch this movie over and over again. And to watch George McFly punch Biff Tannen in the face!

Back to the Future was such a captivating movie that drew you in from the very first scene. Michael J. Fox just has such a presence on the screen that you just couldn’t keep your eyes off of him. He’s also funny and who doesn’t like funny.

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A time traveling DeLorean that’s just ludicrous, but it worked. The concept of being able to travel forward or backward in time was amazing and it still is. I think that is part of the reason this movie continues to be as popular as it is. The premise of the movie is still so amazing.

And Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown…. I don’t even think I need to write anything here because you already know. Brilliant!!!!



Besides the awesomeness that is this ENTIRE movie, I also love the music. Huey Lewis and the News just killed it with Power of Love. Big Fan over here!

Anyways, I could sit here and gush on and on about how amazing this movie is and how brilliant the actors are or I could just put my favorite clips and then tell you to go watch the movie. And you know what I think I’m going with the latter option.

So without further ado, here are some of my favorite parts of Back to the Future. Be sure to comment below and tell us your favorite scenes.

This next one is my ultimate favorite. George finally stands up to Biff and saves Lorraine. Not only does that make George a badass, but it is super romantic and one of the best lines in the movie, in my personal opinion of course (but you know it’s true).

And of course, Marty kills it on the guitar and George kisses Lorraine. SO GOOD!

And we can’t forget Doc’s shinning moment.

Now GO WATCH THE MOVIE! In fact just go watch all 3. You know you want to.

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Just kidding. I just love this line.

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