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Batman Forever 20th Anniversary

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Batman has been a part of our lives for quite a long time, from the comic books, to the TV screen, to the big screen. He has been animated and reimagined in so many ways that we can find him everywhere and in any medium we want.

The Batman symbol has been a symbol of hope for generations, even if he is just a fictional character. Fiction is often where people can find someone or something to believe in. Personally, Batman is someone I grew up with. I will admit that I am not a big comic book reader, but I do watch movies and I remember watching Michael Keaton racing across the screen as Batman trying to save Gotham City. I have seen every Batman movie and I’m sure all you Batman fans out there has also, well at least I’m hoping so, otherwise


Anyways, the Batman movies are why we are here. We are here to celebrate the anniversary of one particular Batman movie. Some say that this particular movie started the downfall of the franchise until Christopher Nolan picked it back up and reimagined it 7 years after Batman & Robin was released, but we celebrate anyway.

On June 16, 1995, Batman Forever was released in theaters in the United States. That’s 20 years ago! (I can’t believe it has been that long)

giphy batman-noooooo-reaction-o

Now that the initial shock is over. Let us watch the trailer.

This movie had so many big named actors from the 90s in it: Val Kilmer, Jim Carrey, Tommy Lee Jones, Chris O’Donnell,  and Nicole Kidman. This was the movie to see in 1995. At the Box Office, this movie made $336.5 Million! WOW!

This movie also marked the first major actor change in the movie franchise. Val Kilmer replaced Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne/Batman, which was a big risk. This movie also introduced us to Dick Grayson/Robin played by Chris O’Donnell. We got his back story and some really excellent acrobatic moves. We got a new Batsuit and a new Batmobile. So many new things came with this movie to the Batman movie franchise. Last but not lease, we got 2 iconic villains for Batman to face.

batman-forever-kilmer batmobile-batman-forever

Jim Carrey was crazy, awesome as Edward Nygma/The Riddler. Some might not agree and that’s fine everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you have to admit he was kind of perfect.

tumblr_mhtmzqPl1k1qh1g19o1_500 tumblr_mslgh0443U1sedet7o1_500

The Riddler destroyed the Batcave, kidnapped the girl, got into Bruce Wayne’s head, created his own island, and he was hilarious. You have to admit he was pretty badass when it comes to villains.

tommy-lee-two-face-so-that-s-what-two-face-would-have-looked-like-in-the-original-batman-seriesThen there was Two-Face. Tommy Lee Jones. What can I say. His suit was crazy, the colors were so bright and just ridiculous. His Two-Face was just insane.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of this particular character. I liked the actor, but the character was just not my favorite I will have to say. Again my opinion.

The Riddler and Two-Face did play well off of one another, but that is really all the positive things that I have to say for that particular character.

Moving on….

And of course you can’t have a Batman movie with a beautiful woman who gets tossed into a damsel in distress role. I have issues with this, but that is for a different time. However, I do love Nicole Kidman, so her Dr. Chase Meridian I did enjoy.


And last but not least we can’t forget good ole’ Robin. Excellent acrobatic stuff I will say. And a scene where we watched him do crazy ninja stuff with is laundry….. you know because that is super important stuff. I don’t know. Chris O’Donnell was young in the industry and working his way up. Before this film, he shared the screen with Al Pacino in Scent of Woman, which is AMAZING btw, check it out if you get a chance, but I digress. HOLY NINJA LAUNDRY TIME BATMAN!

tumblr_mig8002dgg1rx5m4mo6_400 sockchuks


Laundry Man….. Just kidding. You can be Sockman.


Please enjoy the Batman Forever celebration! And please let us know what you think in the comments below.



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