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Batman Rebirth #24: Every Epilogue Is A Prelude Review

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Review: Batman Rebirth #24: Every Epilogue Is A Prelude

Batman Rebirth #24
David Finch Cover Issue 24

Coming off of the the button crossover event we lead into the one off issue of Batman Rebirth #24. We now have Catwoman coming back into the fold of things. Before that we have some very interesting dialog between Batman and Gotham Girl. Claire has been cured of the fear she had, and has Psycho Pirate to thank for this. Which takes us all the way back to the beginning of Batman Rebirth when she first appeared. Gotham Girl is asking Batman some very important question about what it is to be Batman, and if it is what he wanted.

Batman Rebirth #24

Bruce really lets himself go with this conversation with Claire (Gotham Girl), telling her he isn’t happy but tries to be by being Batman, and fails every time. This behavior is completely different that what we have seen with bats, and the dialog which is written by Tom King shows us a different side of Batman that we might of never seen up to this point.Within the dialog the panels switch back and forth between Batman/Catwoman, and Batman/Gotham Girl.

We can see that the effects of “The Button” crossover event hit him hard-seeing his dad and what his father told him to do. Bruce admits to feeling scared so that he won’t feel insane. We can see with the dialog that we have a subdued Bruce/Batman on a journey to finding happiness the way he sees fit, and with this journey it brings him to the rooftops with Selina. This is where we get the first dialog between the two and finally he opens up to her and reveals how he really feels with two words…”Marry me”.

Batman Rebirth #24


Overall, I would recommend this book as it had great artwork and dialog. The writing style of Tom King gives us something to look forward to in these books. This take on Batman seems to have a more emotional and personal feel to it which is different than before in other Batman books. If you are looking for something fun with an awesome twist at the end, then pick this up at your local comic shop. If you are into cover artwork then David Finch always brings the best with outstanding covers.

I personally like what we are getting with the new Batman Rebirth. There might have been some non-exciting parts in some of these books but overall the look and feel keep me going back picking up the next book. This is the bat book to have on your pull list.

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