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Batman V Superman :Dawn Of Justice – Trailer #1 Breakdown

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BVS 2Have any of you fans seen the long awaited Batman V Superman trailer? If you’re one of the ones who answered no, what rock have you been hiding under? Originally intended to be unveiled on April 20th through select IMAX theaters, Zack Snyder hinted at the world that the teaser was indeed coming, with a quick 10 second tease of both Superman & Batman costumes. Sadly, and almost inevitably, a leaked bootleg version hit the internet on Thursday April 16, and Warner Bros, scrambled to take the leaked trailer down. Warner Bros. decided then to unveil the trailer prematurely the next day on Friday, ahead of its IMAX intended release date. Either way, the trailer is awesome. So awesome in fact, that after a rigorous dissection of the trailer, we break it down scene by scene to both analyze and look for easter eggs, as we play detective with Dawn Of Justice. Here’s the trailer.

1. Behold, a new Metropolis

Screenshot (17)As the trailer begins, we get this shot from wide, slowly closing in with some commentary regarding The Man Of Steel. While one can assume the tower on the far right with red letters is LexCorp, as it was in the movie, the are more letters this time. LuthorCorp perhaps? Aside from that assumption, it is the specific voice over at the .43 second mark that peaks interest. “devils don’t come from hell… they come from the sky”. Could it be we just heard Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor?

2. Come one, come all

Screenshot (2)As the trailer progresses back and forth from the opening shot, we get this shot after the word, “savior”. It’s interesting to note the face paint on some of the crowd. Very reminiscent of the gang in “Batman Forever”. Could it be this scene is Superman in Gotham? Some sort of Joker gang cult? Remember, Jared Leto is The Joker in Suicide Squad with a release date in August of 2016.

3. Quest for peace

Screenshot (4)Remember the early plot of “Superman IV: The Quest For Peace”, where Superman ( Christopher Reeve ) vowed to rid the world of all nuclear weapons? Notice the flag and scripture. Could this be a nuclear weapon? Is this Superman attempting to do the same cause. Could this be a nod to that film and nothing more? Pay close attention to the fuselage as we’ll come back to this scene later. Also, we get to see Supes in a pretty good wide shot in his new, slightly redesigned suit.

4. All hail, Kal-El

Screenshot (5)As mentioned in the previous scene with the face paint, we now get these four soldiers of some kind kneeling before Superman. While that might raise an eyebrow, what might get both to raise are the “S” patches on all of their upper shoulders. Jor-El said to Kal-El that the house of El’s symbol means hope. Could this be an army that believes in what Superman stands for? Truth. Justice. And the Kryptonian way?

5. Reach for the stars

Screenshot (6)This scene picks up after that line, “they come from the sky”. While nothing screams out at us in general, what does seem to catch our eye is exactly who this individual might be. Is it just a random person that Superman just saved, and he is throwing his hand up in praise? Pay close attention to his wardrobe. Almost kind of a Roman, toga? Could this be an Atlantean citizen? Jason Momoa did film some scenes and this could be a scene preluding to that event.

6. Puny God

Screenshot (7)From what we’ve heard, this film takes place approximately two years after the events of  “Man Of Steel”. As the statue says in this scene, it appears that there is still a strong presence of people that fear and question the alien from Krypton. Aside from the graffiti, how about the statue that is erected. Might this be an early depiction of the famous Superman statue with the eagle rested on his forearm? We might see that particular statue later.

7. My name is…

Bruce Wayne BatcaveAnd finally, we get Bruce Wayne, being portrayed by Ben Affleck, inheriting the role previously held by Christian Bale. It is apparent that he is in the Batcave, but pay very close attention as we are introduced to the second member of his team: Alfred, in the form of Jeremy Irons, previously held by Michael Caine. Based on the voice over, and the evident gray hairs he has, Bruce has not been the Batman for sometime. The words, “the fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness”, indicate that Bruce is getting fed up with this so called “god”. Might the destruction of events, along with this cult following of this alien visitor be the fuel to ignite Bruce to dawn the Bat-suit once again?

8. A riddle for you

Screenshot (10)Question: What obvious Easter egg can you spot on the wall? Although this scene depicts Batman in some kind of ruin basement/building of some sort with a gadget in hand, the real scene stealer is none other that the “writing on the wall”. Make no mistake folks, that is the question mark, of none other that Edward Nygma AKA The Riddler. Zack Snyder has just told us, he exists in this universe. Or it could be another cult following of some sort, but we highly doubt that.

9. By land or by air?

Bat vehiclesIt appears with our introduction to our newest Batman, we are introduced to an aerial vehicle taking out some thugs on a dock. Is this the Batwing? To add to that theory, the very next scene is a rear shot of the newest set of wheels: The Batmoble. So the question poses: why both shots of the vehicles? Pay close attention to the rear of both vehicles. They look almost identical, especially where the thruster areas are. Could it be Batman’s vehicles are actually one in the same? Think Batpod, ejecting from the Tumbler.

10. Now there’s a Batman

BatfleckHoly *BLEEP*! Batfleck looks awesome in that suit! Does his look satisfy the hate he initially received back in 2013?  We certainly called the black/gray scheme that was long overdue in a Hollywood rendition, back in the summer of 2013. And noticed the Armor type Batsuit. It is believed that this version of Batman, has a heavy influence from Frank Miller’s: The Dark Knight Returns. Hence Ben Affleck as and older Batman. But the other thing to take note of is the scene itself as he emerges from the fire. Remember Superman and that rocket? We think these two scenes correlate with one another. BEN AFFLECK LOOKS SO DOPE AS BATMAN!!!

11. Where does he get those wonderful toys?

Screenshot (14)While that dock scene and the killing of goons, by an apparent Batwing might depict this batman as a ruthless killer, this scene should confirm that. But, that is not a sniper rifle, ladies & gentleman. That is a long range grappling gun. What does he need it for? The answer to that is also from Frank Miller’s novel. The 180 pan shot at dusk is a nice touch as well.

12. In this corner…

BVS showdownAnd finally, the match up of the century. Batman vs. Superman! If you were one of the lucky ones that saw the teaser trailer exclusively for the comic con at San Diego, last year, here is the rest of it. We just knew Zack had to continue that scene that left us DC fans drooling for more. Nothing to really point out except that this scene involves rain, which explains the one shot of Superman atop a rooftop with rain. The scene closes with Batman asking Superman, “tell me, do you bleed?” Fade to black “you will.”

ttAnd there you have it. Scene by scene breakdown for you all to digest and start getting pumped up for this film. No official plot details have been given, but rest assured, Batman’s background is heavily influenced from Frank Miller. A question that keeps coming up is why are these two icons fighting in the first place? This predicament is one of the most ubiquitous, duels known in history. Best friends will always start as enemies. The same applies vice versa. (Think Xavier and Magneto.) If you haven’t read that novel, or seen the animated movie, what are you waiting for? Although we didn’t see any Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Luthor (voice only), Alfred (voice only), this is only the first trailer. The wait was a little long, but worth it. March 2016, can’t come soon enough.


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