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Beautiful Fandom Photography by Flutterbry Captures

Today we introduces you guys to the art of Rose Proffitt who shoots under the name of Flutterbry Captures. She is 44 year old Mum to two amazing kids. Living in Bay of Plenty , New Zealand. She is a photographer and studying Graphic Design at the local university. We came across her photography page thanks to a tip from her brother. And wow, this toy and life photography is so gorgeous and so real looking that it gives you all the feels! We think it is absolutely amazing how this photographer using things as simple as toys can translate all the feels you get from your favorite television show. In this case the show would be Doctor Who.

We asked Rose to tell us a little bit more about how she got into this for of art: 

“I have been interested in Photography since I was a teenager. And have been learning the more finer concepts for the last 10 years. I started photographing my funkos as I was on holiday and wanted to learn some new editing techniques. I am an avid Whovian so combining the passions was just natural. I watch a lot of Doctor Who so I find my inspirations from what ever episodes I’m watching at that time and then normally search for stills online. From there I try to recreate using my funkos. Though I do plan to do some originals in the near future. My favourite at the moment would have to be the Tardis in the nebular. It was the starting point of creating the image from scratch. I also do portrait and recently getting into cosplay photography as well as some fine art composites. Right now I’m doing some clients work but yes I have some plans to do more doctor who funkos over the next few months.


You are inferior. Man will be reborn as Cybermen, but you will perish under maximum deletion. Delete, delete, delete, DELETE! – Cyberman Doctor Who: Rise of the Cyberman 2006 For those that are wondering what on earth we are doing over here in the office … lets just say that Rose is home alone …. Rose has a huge collection of Funkos that are Doctor Who related (she's addicted just a bit) and Rose has no shoots to edit as she's up to date …. so for her 365 project Rose is being a little creative and sharing 🙂 Ps.. I'm also a little excited about the fact my favourite Doctor Who companion Catherine Tate is going to be in Wellington for Armageddon Expo (Rose) #doctorwho #cybermen #doctorwhofan #doctorwhofandom

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