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Black Desert Online

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Maybe I’ve been living under a rock but I’ve just heard about this game within the past month and I’ve got say, I’m excited. I first heard about this game by watching a character creation video. The customization seemed almost endless and if I were a stickler for how my characters looked, I would easily spend a few hours on this. From watching that video I learned something that I’m most excited about this game. It looks AMAZING. This definitely seems like a game that will push my computer to its limits and I can’t wait to see it try. So my first thought was to figure out where I can get this game. It turns out that this game is in open beta… in Korea. It’s not particularly easy to just go ahead and make it through the games Korean website to install it. The game the requires an activation either by a Korean cell phone provider or by tying a I-PIN number to your Korean SSN. So unfortunately it looks like we’re going to have to wait for a western release which is expected in 2016. The game makers, Pearl Abyss, released an open beta gameplay trailer. (Shown above) From what I can tell from the video the fights in this game are intense, very fast paced, and again showcase how gorgeous this game looks.

The game is an sandbox MMORPG with quite a few classes available from warriors to wizards. Judging from what I’ve seen so far, you can count me in as an ranger. There are lots of other features such as castle sieges. Castles in the game are granted to guilds and when under control, allow them to control the taxes on the land in the surrounding area. Another guild may come “siege” that castle in hopes to take it from them. There are a few other quirks such as mounted battles and player housing. Even dragons that randomly attack towns. All in all, this game is seriously exciting. All I need now is a Korean friend to get me access to this game. :)

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