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Bru-tifully Interviewed: Interview With Brutus Cosplay

Brutus Cosplay is a European cosplayer with cosplays that continue to wow her audience. She creates intricate costume pieces that make for incredible character looks to amaze. We sat down to talk to Brutus all about her cosplay and how she takes a look at the world.


JR:How long have you been cosplaying?

Brutus: About one and a half years.


JR:Do you cosplay or crossplay or both?

Brutus: I haven’t crossplayed in awhile, but I did Skullkid, which can be both sexes, but seen as a guy. So both. However, I hate cosplayers who make a cross-cosplay that completely strips off all the armor to just a top and panties. I like to treat the characters with respect.


JR:How did you get your cosplay name?

Brutus: Brutus is actually nickname from my past so why not. It was my brother’s ex who came up with Brutus the Brutal.  That was probably the reason I picked it. I tend to cosplay characters that love to be strong. Most think of the name Brutus as being for a boy, but I’ll just answer that. I rock the name regardless of gender. 


JR:Most cosplayers consider there to be three main categories of cosplay, tv, movies, and video games. What do you consider yourself to specialize in?

Brutus: I like to test different characters, it doesn’t have to be from a game, it can be a movies as well.
I choose my characters by appearance or if I had any bond with them when I was little. Cosplay is about the craft for me, that’s the most important thing. So a difficult character is my kind of character.


JR:Do you think cosplay is easier in a group or separate?

Brutus: It’s definitely more fun to make a group cosplay if it’s an equal minded group. Otherwise, it will be a big
mistake. It’s nice to do yourself too, so you don’t have to wait for someone and need to worry if
everything is good or not.


JR:Do you think cosplay changing as you go to different locations?

Brutus: I have not cosplayed a lot abroad but it’s definitely a different from place to place! Something else that affects it is  how the rooms are at the convention and space is.



JR:What cosplays are you currently working on?

Brutus: I’m working on a cosplay from a movie called Dragon Trainer 2. This character catches my eye right away, she’s so well designed in her full outbreak. I like to be a bit secret and do not leak many pictures in advance before it’s done. This is top secret but her name is Valka. I’ve been working on her since late summer for almost half of a year with this outfit. I really expect this to top all of my previous cosplays!


JR:What was your last convention? 

Brutus: Comicon in Stockholm

JR:What is your next convention?

Brutus: I’m hoping for Dreamhack where I’m hopefully ready with my cosplay for Valka.


JR:What does cosplay mean to you?

Brutus: It means a lot, I can fly away on my own when I sit and sew my costumes. Nobody can say what’s right or wrong in my own head, nobody can decide. Yes, you can meet true rat at the convention and that’s the truth. But you can also meet people who can make it all worth it in the end. And it also brings together me and my sister when we live in different places in Sweden. Love my sister!

To see more of Brutus Cosplay, check out her social media at:


Facebook: facebook.com/Brutuscosplay/

Instagram: @Brutus_cosplay



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Have a geek filled week!

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