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The Not-So Secret Review of “The Not-So Secret Society”, A New Graphic Novel from Boom Studios!

Finding a Comic Series that kids like and parents approve of:

Finally comic books have become mainstream. On any given weekend across the country there are numerous Comic Book Conventions going on. Comic book movies and television shows are prevalent and show no sign of slowing. But as a parent, it isn’t always easy to know what comics are safe for kids. Kids have long been fascinated by comic book characters like Batman, Spider-man and Wonder-Woman. But not all comic book stories are kid friendly. The majority of comic books in this industry are targeted for an adult audience. But kids love comics too. Reading comics can bring about a love of reading and appreciation of the arts. Finding a comic series that kids like and parents approve of can be challenging.

As a parent I want my kid’s comics to have a few key things: 

  • Representation of people from different cultures, belief systems and abilities.
  • Promoting of respect and love for all people
  • As little violence from our heroes as possible
  • Learning of valuable life lesson
  • Struggles that we can relate to

Kids (according to my 13 year old son) also have certain key things they want their comic books to have:

  • Lots of cool art
  • Lots of action

The Not-So Secret Society:

The Not-So Secret Society (NS3 for short) is a group of five friends who go to school and participate in extracurricular activities together. What we see in this graphic novel is the story of a science project gone wrong that threatens the town they live in. In the comic you see the NS3 kids hold themselves accountable for their science project catastrophe and band together to fix the mess they made. You see the kids using the resources available to them (whether books or seeking advice from their parents) to find a solution to their problem. The comics are intended to be something that parents can share with their children and even as something that can be used in the classroom. With stories and art that kids of all ages can enjoy. You get more than just the book. There is a series of activities that go along with the book for kids to do at home or at school. Free lesson plans are available for educators to download. They have even made sure that the lesson plans align with the Common Core Standards.

The series was developed by educators and parents who wanted something that sent positive messages to readers and was still really fun.

The thing that I personally liked about the comic was that there wasn’t a central bad guy or evil person they were fighting. The kids created a problem for themselves and had to figure out how to fix it.

It definitely checked off many of the things that I felt were important. The group of five friends was racially diverse and there was action but not violence towards people.  There were lessons to be learned and struggles that our kids can relate to.

I gave the book to my 13 year old son to read. He is an avid comic book reader and fan of comic book art. I asked him to read the comic and tell me what he thought. As a parent, I found the book to be filled with fun, adventure and adorable silliness. It was exactly the type of innocent comics that I want my kids to read. But what my kids like and what I like can sometimes be different.

Once he was finished I asked him what he thought of the book. I was happy to hear that he said he really liked it and that he thought it was cute. He felt that it was probably something for kids younger than him, possibly for elementary school kids. He enjoyed the art and even felt particularly drawn to one character named ,Dylan Lin, because he looked cool and seemed really clever. His favorite part was the mini-comics at the back of the book. Which coincidentally were my favorite as well.  I asked him if the comic had the action and cool art he was looking for and he replied with the teenage sign of approval “Yeah Totally”.  He then added it was probably something we should read to his little brother (a first grader) during our nightly bedtime stories.

Parent and Kid Approved: 

So there you have it. The book was liked by both my teenage child and myself. We both agreed it is probably more appealing to a younger audience. Despite that it is something that is still enjoyable for both teenagers and adults.

You can find out more about The-Not So Secret Society or follow them on social media at the links below: 




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