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The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Film Festival Changes Everything

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Yes, you read that correctly: Xbox is holding the world’s first game footage film festival and award season will never be the same. No, I’m not over-exaggerating.

Players can submit their videos of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare DLC on the Point and Shoot Film Festival website. You’ll also have the opportunity to vote for your favorite footage.

Why is this event so important? Because this a chance for video game players, video games, and its game-play, to be viewed as an artistry on par with movies.

Audiences passively watch films, but video games are the complete opposite. Movie makers have a far easier time presenting their film and controlling how the audience will react to the film while they watch the movie because that’s all audiences do…watch.

In film, there’s no activity to it, no meta during the experience.

Meta is taking something that is given and going outside or beyond it. It’s why we like live-tweeting, having conversations and debates, writing and reading fan fiction, participating role-playing, etc. We love meta and we crave active participation.

Films need an extra form of engagement, but not video games.

The game-play is the key to solving the meta crisis.

The audience interacts with the game and can develop their own experience through it, explore every avenue at their own pace, and  put themselves into the game.

Whether first or third person, puzzle or story-driven, anyone who has ever played a video game before can say they have felt completely immersed in their gaming environment.

Video game developers have to consider all of the possible interactions the players will have in the game. Every step, every doorway entry, every pathway, every destructible object, is created from scratch. There’s so much work involved on the visual level, in addition to sound effects and soundtrack cues.

This film festival is a celebration of the game, the players, and the meta. It’s a demonstration that video games can do more than a film can ever do.

Hopefully, this film festival leads to even more opportunities for video games to be recognized as they truly are: interactive art.

What games are you hoping get showcased in film festivals? Do you think this kind of festival is even necessary? What games do you think are the most immersive? Will you be submitting or voting to Call of Duty?

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