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Capturing the Magic: An Interview With Photographer Tony Julius

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Tony Julius is a cosplay photographer and first time SDCC attendee. In 2000 he bought his first digital camera and everything since then is history. It all started when he shot a Darth Vader inspired photo shoot where he was introduced to cosplay and Comic-Cons.  Tony Julius will be doing cosplay shoots this year at San Deigo Comic-Con. We sat down to talk to him about cosplay and photography.

JR:What got you started in cosplay photography?


Tony:I was shooting local Metal Bands in phoenix and had met some amazing people.  The female lead singer of Frequis told me she wanted to do a Darth Vader inspired outfit for a photoshoot.  The photos came out amazing. She told me about cosplay and Comic-Con and went to my first convention in 2013, it was Phoenix Comic-Con. I wandered the vendor hall for what seemed like forever. It took awhile before I asked someone for a shot. I was hooked after that.


JR:What is one of your favorite places to photograph at?


Tony: So far my favorite place to photograph was a fun cosplay shoot we did Malibu.  The huge rocks on the shore and the sunset was epic.

JR:Why do you photograph cosplay in particular?


Tony: I love shooting cosplay because I love the characters even the ones I don’t know.  One of the best things about shooting a character I don’t know is asking the cosplay about them. This inspires me to get shots that show off the cosplay, the character, and really makes the photos that much more awesome.


JR:Among your works which is your favorite? Why?


Tony: There a tribute we did based on video game artwork from Arkham City.  It was Batman and Harley Quinn. I built the whole background in Photoshop by hand.  I threw it out completely three times before I got it just right.  It was selective color and it had to work great or it wouldn’t work at all.

JR:Whose work has influenced you most?


Tony:I have been inspired by our wedding photographer most of all his name is David Beckstead.  His approach attitude and passion for photography, composition, teaching, and art is a true inspiration.


JR:Is there a cosplay character that is easier to photograph?


Tony: Not a cosplay really, but some emotions, or actions can be particularly difficult.


JR: What convention did first you photographed at?


Tony: Phoenix Comic-con 2013


JR:When did you start attending SDCC? 


Tony: This will be my first year.  I have tried for 3 years to get tickets and have never been able to.  They don’t consider photography art. So I haven’t been able to get a professional badge. They only consider photographers as media and I am not in the media industry.  I am an artist.


JR:What is something about SDCC you love?


Tony: I love that it’s in San Diego and that’s it’s and international convention but outside of that I can’t wait to find out more reasons to love it.


JR:What is one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?


Tony: How to be better at sales, and marketing.   I love helping people and I am not the best at putting a value on my time and talent.


JR: What does photography mean to you?


Tony: It’s everything to me now.  I love shooting, sharing, and everyone I work with.  It gets me past being shy and pushes me to be better.  I love being creative, capturing emotion, and letting people see just how awesome I see them as they are.


If you’re attending SDCC this year, look for Tony to be taking pictures. You can even schedule a private session with him to get some great pictures of your costume. To schedule a photo session or check out more of Tony’s photography visit website at: http://www.tonyjulius.com/

Or follow him on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/tony.julius

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