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Cary Elwes | Stan Lee's LACC | Photo By: Chelsea Pommerening

Cary Elwes Panel – Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con 2016

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“As you wish.” Three words from one of the most iconic and beloved films, The Princess Bride. Those particular words were spoken by the handsome Cary Elwes, as Westley, to his beloved Buttercup. As You Wish is also the title of his new novel about his time on the set of The Princess Bride. 

As You Wish by Cary Elwes via Amazon

Below is a portion of Cary’s panel from the Hot Topic Main Stage at Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con.

Cary’s Panel

During the panel, Cary talked about his time on the set of The Princess BrideThe Princess Bride is a very precious film to him, so writing an autobiographical novel about the film is perfect. On a different note, he is still as handsome as ever and he has the best voice!

The video above only features a small portion of the panel, which is mostly the audience Q & A part. However, we do get to hear a fantastic story about Robin Hood: Men in Tights. 

Robin Hood: Men in Tights via GIPHY

To be honest, Mr. Elwes is probably my favorite version of Robin Hood, so listening to him talk about that film was amazing. Furthermore, Mel Brooks is a genius when it comes to film making and any behind the scenes glimpses are glorious.

Mr. Elwes’ is an amazing storyteller and from what he told us about his book, I know it will be worth the read.

One thing about the picture on the left. He told a story about how he broke his toe while riding Andre the Giant’s ATV that he used to get around set. So if you back and watch The Princess Bride scene when Westley and Buttercup run into the forest and he’s hobbling while running that’s why.

Andre the Giant | The Princess Bride

As You Wish – The Novel

Based on what he said, this novel includes commentary by some of the other actors. It actually all sounds quite hilarious, so do pick up a copy.

This fantastic book is available on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, and other locations you can purchase books.

Follow him on Twitter as well.

Also, if you have yet to see The Princess Bride, PLEASE do yourself a favor and watch it.

The Princess Bride via Tumblr


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