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Casting Call: Aquaman

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Aquaman_new-52-meraIf there was ever a character that has been picked on, ridiculed and straight made fun of, was Aquaman.  This guy, and his background, has been revamped so many times, yet he still manages his way to stay afloat in comics today. From being someone who just “talks to the fishes”, to having a beard and a spear for a hand, to now being a young, mental and physically tough bad ass; thanks to Geoff Johns, Aquaman is no longer the laughing-stock of the sea, or Justice League. If you haven’t read the new 52, you don’t know what you’re missing. Johns has totally gave this character a 180, and hopefully, this turnaround will stay put for a very long time. With Warner Bros. finally moving forward with a Justice League film, Aquaman has a spot in the starting line up, in the form of Jason Momoa. But what happens when he gets his own film? What will the story be? Who will be the characters? Lets “dive” in, shall we…

AQ1Jason Momoa / Aquaman

I’ll have to admit, my first choice for this character was Jared Padelicki. As time passed and I read more of the newer comics, I soon changed to Jai Courtney. Courtney to me embodied everything that Aquaman should be. Then the rumor mill started to spin with Jason Momoa. While I thought Momoa would make a great Black Manta, I just couldn’t see him as Aquaman. Given Momoa’s island background, it started to make a little bit of sense. And one can’t argue with his towering height and build. Call it poetic justice for Aquaman to be portrayed by this man. Would you dare make fun of Momoa as “King of the fishes”? I’ll send you a get well card.

AQ2Alexandra Daddario / Mera

If Arthur is to eventually lead by example, he needs to have a someone by his side. And what king should not have a  beautiful queen to share his Kingdom with? My vote, is Alexandra Daddario. Her piercing blue eyes and killer smile have everything that represents a goddess. But Mera, isn’t one to take lightly. A skillful warrior, she is the Queen’s most trusted citizen, of Atlantis.

AQ3Charlize Theron / Queen Atlanna

I just think Charlize Theron is beautiful in any role she is in. She is definitely my pick to play the mother of Aquaman. She can give a commanding performance that will embody the character inside and out. While Theron and Momoa are not that far in age, stranger things have happened in movies.

AQ4Ian Somerhalder / Orm

Where would comics be if they didn’t have some jealous sibling rivalry? Originally the human half-brother of Arthur, Geoff Johns quickly changed that to his Atlantean half-brother. A villain in the making, Ian Somerhalder proves to be that type of actor that can pull of the classic, jealous rage of the comic book brother, who eventually becomes Ocean Master.

AQ5Coby Bell / Black Manta

Every hero has there quintessential villain. The Yang to their Ying. Joker for Batman. Lex Luthor for Superman. For Aquaman, it’s Black Manta. Seeking revenge for the death of his father, accidentally committed by Aquaman, Black Manta sees only one end in sight. Vengeance for his father and justice for his killer, by any means necessary. Coby Bell seems like the perfect man to step in the suit.

enemy-1985-tou-05-gWolfgang Peterson / Director

So who could bring this fantasy yet, believable world to life the right way? None other than Wolfgang Peterson. He is no stranger to fantasy as he brought us into the world of “The Neverending Story”. His other credits include “The Perfect Storm” and “Troy”. If you liked all three of these films, it’s safe for me to assume, you know where I’m going. Peterson, can deliver an action packed Aquaman film, and it would be nothing short of epic.

file_199281_0_aquaman13658While this film is still not due for release until summer 2018, I do feel that Warner Bros. is finally starting to see the light that their super hero line up, doesn’t just have to be Batman and Superman. Although their technical kickoff for their cinematic universe, will begin with those two icons, but we will finally get to see other important characters to the comics, on film. Aquaman supposedly has a small role in “Dawn of Justice”, and from what we’ve been told, it’s not exactly a cameo, but more of “a taste of things to come”. I think Momoa will do just fine, and whomever they decide to have in the solo Aquaman film, will be awesome just to see it. They might even premiere this at some waterfront theater. Here’s to WB doing things right. I can’t wait to see this!



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