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Casting Call: Green Lantern Corps

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bds_green-lantern_poster-12At this year’s SDCC, WB came out in full force and showed the world, just what their cinematic universe will be. We got to see trailers for both Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Suicide Squad, and Legends Of Tomorrow, to name a few. What was also announced was something expected, but probably out of left field. Not just a reboot of a Green Lantern movie, but a Green Lantern Corps movie. Now you’re probably wondering, what exactly does that mean? Well, fans, it means we won’t see a movie just heavily focused on one (earth based) ring bearer, but multiple ring bearers. That means we’ll not only see another Hal Jordan, but Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner. That latter which becomes the character: Ion. Hell we might see even see Alan Scott. And that’s just the human side. The possibilities are almost endless, but how many movies can you push out with 3600 Green Lanterns? More importantly, who should play these iconic characters on the big screen? Well fans, it’s time to get right to it. Here we go….

Taylor Kitsch / Guy Gardner

GL GuyOkay, in every group you need a cocky, smart ass. Someone that doesn’t mess around, all the while running their mouth as much as they’re getting the job done. Guy Gardner is that person and Taylor Kitsch is that “guy” to play him. Taylor is no stranger to the superhero genre, getting his start in Covenant as a telekinetic teen and then as the mutant Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Already a fit player in Hollywood, he would fit right in this corp and make to the part of Guy his own.

Mahershala Ali / John Stewart

GL JohnDefinitely a fan favorite to see in a live action adaptation, John Stewart might actually see the light of day. So who could play the former marine turned space cop? Mahershala Ali, has my vote. His recent works in House of Cards, and Hunger Games shows that he has the ability to uphold his views and plant his foot down, while not taking any smack from anyone. His no tolerance for the misbehaved or reluctance of any kind would be essential to this cast. And no, Idris Elba, while a great actor and the fan favorite, would not be a solid choice, in my opinion.

Tyler Hoechlin / Kyle Rayner 

GL KyleAnother potential we could as a worthy Green Lantern is the artist: Kyle Rayner. While relatively young, if not the youngest one chosen to wear a ring for the Guardians. Kyle relates to everyone because his imagination goes beyond that of normal limits, being a cartoonists and all. In fact, when he first becomes a Green Lantern, he alters the traditional black/green uniform design and makes his gloves and boots into what appears to be a modernized version of a knight; gauntlets and all.  What’s even more interesting, when Rayner first got his ring, it was a combination of all the Green Lantern rings put into one. He doesn’t even have to charge his ring with battery, like the others do. Tyler Hoechlin is just the right choice to take on this young recruit. His time on Teen Wolf shows he can face a challenge when presented.

Moon Bloodgood / Katma Tui

GL KatmaIf we’re talking a corps of 3600 officers, we need to broaden the horizon with some of the ladies, or female Green Lanterns. If you thought they were all males, think again.  Katma trains John Stewart when he first takes on the responsibility of the ring. The two eventually fall in love and marry, only to have it cut short, by an unexpected tragedy. Moon Bloodgood has my vote for Katma Tui, the alien humanoid from Korugar, the same birthplace of former fellow Green Lantern, Sinestro. From Terminator: Salvation to Falling Skies Moon has the credits to prove that she can hold her own as a stand up leader.

Taylor Cole / Carol Ferris

GL SapphireAlthough Carol Ferris is not a Green Lantern, she is a Lantern of sorts and you do need to see something else on the other team. Another tragedy in the making, Hal Jordan’s life long love becomes the villainess: Star Sapphire. It would be nice to see those infamous words “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” breathe life. Beautiful and breathtaking, Taylor Cole can sure as hell make that happen. Her credits include The Event and Green Hornet, she would fit right into a world of make-believe and imagination.

Mark Strong / Sinestro

GL Sinestro2What comic book based film is worth seeing without your main arch nemesis? There is none. Simply put, Sinestro needs to be a part of this film. And none other than Mark Strong needs to reprise this character. While his last attempt in the Green Lantern (2011) movie was a bit short, his performance was probably one of the only ones that made a worthy dent in the film. In this version, we could still see him as a Lantern, maybe through flashbacks, but as the main antagonist of the film. See the hatred he has for Jordan, the Guardians, and the rest of the corps. There is no other option for this role. Mark Strong is Sinestro.

Jensen Ackles / Hal Jordan

GL HalAnd finally, the most adorned, and reputable Green Lantern there is: Hal Jordan. We need to see Hal rebooted and done right. And the only person that meets this match is Jensen Ackles. Jensen’s credits include Smallville and his long recurring role in Supernatural. His poise and good looks make him the perfect fit for the hot-shot test pilot from Coast City. Hell, even on Supernatural, he wears the aviation style bomber jacket from time to time. Jensen knows how to play a leader, and that is something Hal knows how to be. If this corps is ever going to face the likes of Sinestro and his team, they need someone like Jensen representing the most decorated Green Lantern.

Jonathan Liebesman / Director

17843_403559440412_772900412_10446645_6145095_n_400x400So who can make this all-star cast come to life while keeping harmony? Jonathan Liebesman seems to be the perfect candidate here. After a successful attempt in both Wrath Of The Titans and another in rebooting TMNT, there is no doubt this man can handle an ensemble cast of this magnitude. Ironically enough, the latter team was also green in color. He can bring us the Green Lantern movie we all so rightfully deserved back in 2011, but much better. Interestingly enough, he made the short list for Man of Steel but lost that chair to Zack Snyder. Either way, Jonathan belongs with the corps.

Guy_Gardner_Hal_Jordan_John_StewartAnd there you have it. The Green Lantern Corps Casting call. Warner Bros. is making a wise move in trying to revamp their core characters in massive ensembles. As mentioned earlier, Dawn of Justice has the trinity: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Suicide Squad follows suit with a plethora of villains. Now we’re getting a team of Green Lanterns in one movie, or so the title suggests. This formula seems to be the way to go for reintroductions as well as introductions for some of our beloved characters from the comics. We don’t need a complete origin film, since the 2011 version did do a pretty good job with Hal Jordan, but to some degree, you will need some back story. To be honest, it would probably be best to start with three, (nice prime number) than if it warrants a sequel, bring more in. Kilowag, Tomar-Re, Boodikka, Ganthet, and many others can also be thrown in the mix, but the root of the movie, should deal with the humans. Maybe even have Sinestro team up with the ladies of this casting call, to throw emotional situations in the mix for their Lantern counterparts. This film would be nothing short of epic. And the most important beauty about this movie is, there are so many stories to tell from so many characters, why limit it to one solo character film? There would be no need to whatsoever. The possibilities are almost endless. And that falls in line with the attribute of the ring. Only limited, to the imagination.

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