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Casting Call: NightWing

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nightwingbannerIf there was a character that ever so needed to be on-screen, (small or silver); if there was a character that had such a deep, rich history of violence, romance and turmoil; and if  there was a character that is, if not, more complex than The Dark Knight himself, it is Nightwing. Although the character has been around a long while now, we only have seen him in the form of animation, stretching from: “The New Batman Adventures”, to video games, to a couple of animated movies. While we did hear the name mentioned in “Batman Forever” and his costume teased in the follow-up movie “Batman & Robin” (both played by Chris O’Donnell) we still have yet to get this character some live action screen time. Although it would be nice to see him at the movies, I believe the route to start off is in your living room. (here’s why) And given successful run The CW has had with its universe so far, it makes all the sense in the world to give birth to the character right there. But who should be on the show? That’s where I come in. In the words of The Joker, “here… we… go…”

MJWblackmaskMichael Jai White /Roman Sionis / Black Mask

This is another character that has only graced us on animation movies and more recently, “Arkham: Origins” video game. However, if Nightwing wants to avoid the “freak of the week” formula, he needs to have a central villain, and that’s where Michael Jai White comes in. Black Mask is the new leader of organized crime in Gotham City, but who’s to say he needs to be there all the time? Bludhaven could be the perfect hideout for this mob boss. He is skilled in hand to hand combat and would be nice seeing White put on his martial art moves on the boy wonder.

KDblockbusterKevin Durand / Mark Desmond / Blockbuster

Another villain popular to Nightwing’s mythos when he first arrives in Bludhaven. A towering foe to anyone crosses his path, Blockbuster is sure to leave a mark where he goes. So who could pull the look and feel of this enemy? My vote is Kevin Durand. He stands at a healthy 6’7 which would be more than tall enough for any actor who stands side by side with him. Plus, I just like this guy.

ZHamyrohbachZulay Henao / Amy Rohrbach

Every hero has a day job, or night depending on the character. And if you didn’t know, when Dick Grayson settled into Bludhaven, he became a cop. Seems natural right? Spent years as an undercover crime fighter, why not make it legit? That’s where he meets Amy Rohrbach who eventually becomes his boss later on. Amy knows his secret identity and the two eventually have something spark. Zulay Henao has the look and can definitely make you look twice, or thrice.

JC 2 (2)Jessica Chastain / Barbara Gordon

If there is absolutely a character that needs to be on this show, it’s none other than Barbara Gordon. The link between Batman & Robin. She doesn’t necessarily have to be Batgirl, but the computer wiz Oracle. Jessica Chastain would be an awesome addition to this cast and certainly pull this character off. A strong actress for a strong female character.

SWnightwingSam Witwer / Dick Grayson / Nightwing

This was a bit of a tough for me but in the end, I believe Sam Witwer could pull off the complexity and toughness that the boy wonder would be. Plus this guy is in excellent shape and already a CW alumni on another DC based show, early in his career. While age might be a reason here as far as if this thing ever saw the light, I still think Witwer would be the right choice.


GalleryChar_1900x900_nightwing_52ab862c552a86.02261031So how would Nightwing fit into television? What network should he be a apart of? Is that obvious? The CW universe is taking of by storm. With Arrow introducing Flash, and now having his own show, The Atom is next to get spun off. So taking that formula, the way I would introduce the world to Dick Grayson is have his backstory with SPYRAL through Arrow, and take shape from there. They have already mentioned Bludhaven three times, by my count, on that show and as I’ve stated before, I don’t think it’s by coincidence. Remember, Oliver has 2 more years unaccounted for before he shows back up in Starling City. Maybe his time with the organization known as SPYRAL could be one of those arcs, and to get our boy some screen time. And think about the costume. They haven’t disappointed so far on either Arrow or Flash, and I highly doubt they would start with this guy. HOLY BEJEEZES?!?! Wouldn’t that be something? (See what I did there?) There is an obvious want for this character to make his official debut. Whether it be on the small or big screen is really the question. Just look at the fan films, comic cons, PhotoShops. People want to see this guy. I think at this point, the need outweighs the want. What do you think fans? Agree with this casting choice? Like the idea/concept behind it? Let me know.

SIDE NOTE: Milo Ventimiglia was my other choice for Nightwing

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