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Hyper Realistic Cosplay-Interview With HushyPlushy Cosplay

Do you like this post? Happy Cosplay Friday! This week we are featuring an interview with HushyPlushy Cosplay. HushyPlushy Cosplay is a anime cosplayer known for his hyper-realistic cosplays. He features cosplays of characters such as Sephiroth, Sesshomaru, and Ciel Phantomhive. All of his cosplays are detailed orientated and crafted down …

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Anime CTX: Pros and Cons of Pro-Cons

Do you like this post?I recently got to visit Anime CTX in Round Rock, Texas. It was lots of fun to visit a newer and smaller convention than what I’m used to. Here I’d like to lay out what I think the organizers of the con did right and what …

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Cosplay in 2017: Predictions and Trends

Do you like this post?As the first day of spring  has come and passed another season is announced, cosplay season.  Every year around this time cosplayers start to show off the costumes they’ve been grinding on for the past months. And every year we see cosplay trends explode! With six Marvel …

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My Problem with Final Fantasy XV

Do you like this post?Final Fantasy XV is one of the best Final Fantasy’s to come out in a while, but I do have a problem with how the story is presented. Trey Guillory Trey Anthony Guillory (a.k.a. Trey Guillotine) is an aspiring journalist, a YouTuber, and a huge nerd.

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After 20 Years Cardcaptor Sakura Soars Anew!

Do you like this post?Cardcaptors always expect the unexpected, but the revival of the beloved series is a welcome surprise.     Cardcaptor Sakura is opening a brand new book – 20 years after it was first published in 1996! Sakura and her friends never truly left thanks to guest …

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Do you like this post?It was a day similar to any other as I sat scrolling through Crunchyroll’s current line-up. I happened across ‘Orange’ and I haven’t been able to put this show out of my mind. The summary of the show is as follows:  “During the spring of her …

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