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Marvel Iron Fist | Eight Diagram Dragon Palm // Recap Review

Harold welcomes Danny home, Ward goes on the record, and no one should profit from the suffering of others. Following Ward to Harold’s high rise hermitage, he is shocked to discover the late Harold Meachum alive and well, and imprisoned by the Hand, the very organization that the Iron Fist ...

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Marvel Iron Fist | Rolling Thunder Dragon Punch // Recap Review

Danny gets the sharkiest lawyer in New York, Joy helps Ward close a deal, and enter the Daughter of the Dragon. On the run as an escaped mental patient, Danny approaches Joy one more time as a friend, hoping she now believes he is who he says he is. To ...

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Marvel Iron Fist | Shadow Hawk Takes Flight // Recap Review

Let’s talk about what happened to John Anderson, the Meachums aren’t bad guys, and Colleen is offered a deal. Putting an end to Danny’s interruptions in their lives, Ward and Joy Meachum have Danny sent away to a psychiatric center to be evaluated and get to the bottom of who ...

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