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New Teen Titans GO! Trailer!

The New Teen Titans Go! movie trailer is out and this adorable little trailer is really packing a punch! Most notably the way it makes fun of itself and all the internet hate that the reboot of the animated series on Cartoon network has received. Watch the trailer below and …

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New Ant-Man Trailer & The Wasp Trailer!

The new Ant-Man Trailer is out! It doesn’t answer the question of where Ant Man & Wasp where during Avengers:Infinity War, as the previous trailer tease from Marvel Studios suggested. But hopefully the movie will give us some answers. The movie is set to release July 6th 2018. Real heroes. …

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TOG Reviews: Dare to be Wild

Dare to be Wild is an ambitious and breathtaking story about Irishwoman, Mary Reynolds and her journey to become the gold medal winner at the Chelsea Flower Show in Chelsea, London, England. Directed by Vivienne De Courcy, the film is filled with great performances from the cast, notably from Emma …

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Netflix Gives Us The Trailer To Lost In Space

Lost In Space

Danger Will Robinson! Danger! We are getting a new take on the classic 1960’s television show Lost In Space. This time, it appears that the show will be taking place only 30 years from our own time. The show will star Toby Stephens, Molly Parker, Taylor Russell, Mina Sundwall, Max …

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