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Mass Effect Andromeda Early Access and More // Geekly Trends

DC is open to R-rated movies, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are working on a new project, TellTale Games released some shots of their new Guardians of the Galaxy game, American Gods has a new trailer, and I got to spend some time playing Mass Effect Andromeda through EA Access. ...

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Marvel Agents of SHIELD “Hot Potato Soup” Recap Review

Radcliffe enters Agent Koenig’s mind, May’s a frickin’ robot, and Quake/Black Widow shipping is a thing. With the help of the Watchdogs, Radcliffe has one of the brothers Koenig, Billy, kidnapped in order to find the location of the Darkhold, intrusted to them by Coulson to keep it safe. While ...

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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD “The Patriot” Recap Review

Quake is America’s new hero, Mace just wanted to help, and Coulson is now calling the shots. While holding a press conference to clear Agent Daisy Johnson to the public, Mace survives an attempt on his life from a Watch Dogs sniper, using the podium to block the exploding round. ...

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Electric Nachos – Episode 1: Little Nemo the Dream Master

Welcome to the first episode (yes we redid it) of Electric Nacho. Danniel and Marcus play Little Nemo the Dream Master on Nintendo. Check it out and let us know what you think.   Little Nemo: The Dream Master Developer: Capcom Publisher: Capcom Producer: Tokuro Fujiwara Designer: Tatsuya Minami Composer: ...

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