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Celebrating 10 years of Captain Jack Harkness!

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COME ONE COME ALL!! Let us celebrate 10 years of the strikingly handsome Captain Jack Harkness!!!

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So what is the best way to celebrate this momentous occasion…. How about we hop into the TARDIS with The Doctor and travel back to when we first met Captain Jack?

flying tardis

capt jack smilingCaptain Jack Harkness is played by the amazingly talented and breathtakingly handsome John Barrowman (and I totally meant IS because Captain Jack is alive and well and we are simply waiting for his reappearance in the series, Moffat we are waaaiiittting). I can honestly say that I am a huge fan.

He is an amazing actor… I mean seriously he can sing, he can dance, he can act, and that smile and that hair and the way he says Hello….. Oops sorry I got a little carried away. Clearly I have a problem am a fan of his.

Captain Jack has been around for quite a while, seriously the man is immortal he’s been around forever, so in honor of this glorious celebration, I will share my favorite parts of his first appearance on Doctor Who!

Capt. Jack steamed up our screens for the first time in Series 1 (that would be New Who) Episode 9 The Empty Child and Episode 10 The Doctor Dances.

Based on the above video…. which I hoped you took the 3 minutes to enjoy, Captain Jack is quite the knight in shining armor. With a little bit of flair, Jack rescues Rose Tyler from a horrible death and we learn that Jack clearly isn’t from around here. Clearly, he’s in a spaceship…. Anyways, moving on.

After his daring rescue and Rose’s “nap,” Jack tries to pass himself off as just another American volunteer with the Royal Airforce during World War II, but clearly Jack didn’t anticipate the fact that Rose is immune to the effects of psychic paper. Actually, what happens is hilarious and a little flirtatious. (Check it out)

jack dancing with roseI will admit that I do love Jack’s instant connection with Rose and he does take a moment to dance with her which is something the Doctor hasn’t done. But honestly, dancing with Jack just opens the door to more flirtation and romance.

Jack is a flirt and you know what I am quite all right with that and so was Rose. She may love the Doctor, but who could resist the charm of the Captain. He will always be my Captain Jack (just saying).

The last scene I will share from these episodes is when Jack risks his own life to save everyone and of course he does it with all the flair we expect, but in the end he gets rescued by a dancing Doctor. THANK GOODNESS BECAUSE I WAS NOT READY TO SAY GOODBYE SO SOON!

Nothing like a happy ending right….. how about one more scene from a different episode, one of my favorites.

I hope that we get the chance to see Captain Jack Harkness say Hello to Clara and the Doctor in the near future.

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Who wouldn’t want to see Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor tell Jack to stop flirting??? I know I would.



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