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Chris Pratt Calls For Heroes!

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If you follow Chris Pratt on any sort of social media, you’re likely aware that he’s quite the fan of helping out folks in need.  When he calls out for support for these endeavors he sends out the call ‘calling all heroes’, which to families like this – that’s what folks who help out become.

Call for Heroes

Angels for Elsie Jo is the most recent endeavor our local Guardian of the Galaxy has called his heroes to help.

This fundraising efforts are to help support this family of 6 take on the colossal medical costs that come with a new born child having round the clock medical staff.

So, this is a call to arms.  If you’d like to be one of Elsie Jo’s Angels, and one of Star-Lord’s heroes, or if you want to learn more of Elsie’s story, head over to:


Today is Random Act of Kindness day, so if you were looking for somewhere to help out, Elsie might just be your thing!